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5 Kinda Creepy Street Signs I’ve Seen In England

1.  "Humped Zebra Crossing"
2.  "Look Right"
3.  "Faggotts Close"
4.  "Humps for 450 Yards"
5.  "COSTCO Entrance "

Posted by vanessa on July 28th, 2006 .
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Dildos For A Better Tomorrow

Hot Diggity! Sign me up for a silicone, solar-charged, fair-trade ramrod in a pleather harness with some homeopathic lube. Who says you can’t have wild monkey-sex and save the wild monkeys at the same time? Come on, grab your partner and save the earth! Who’s with me?

Erotic and Eco-Friendly
Sex-toy shopping for the environmentally concerned doesn’t have to crimp your play
Published 07.19.06

So you’ve stopped microwaving your food in plastic. You have a chlorine filter on your showerhead, you avoid sneakers made in sweatshops and you take cloth bags with you to the market for your organic produce.

But when it comes to the nightstand drawer, often all those noble and self-protective thoughts go out the window. There you’ve got petroleum-laden, chemical-leaking implements of pleasure made god-knows-where, piled on top of a mound of dead batteries and some distinctly leathery items. Well, the good news is, that drawer doesn’t have to be your one dirty little secret. At least not in such unfun ways.

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Posted by vanessa on July 26th, 2006 .
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The Brazilian Experiment

I brought plenty of my Magic Shaving Powder to the UK to keep my punani smooth, but it’s been so bloody hot that I haven’t wanted to deal with it.  So, I thought I would try getting a wax job, which would allow me to forget all about it for the remainder of my stay.

I got a referral from the local salon for Danielle in Bushey (hilarious and unintended pun) who is the local waxer extraordinaire.  I decided to keep with my regular coif, (which is none at all, the whole enchilada, a "hollywood" or "brazilian.")  I had to let it grow out at least 1/4" inch, but went in this morning for my first-ever bikini wax.  I expected to be screaming and tearing her eyes out, but surprisingly, it just wasn’t that bad. 

The heat from the wax was actually more uncomfortable than the "strip-rip" and there were only a couple of areas where my eyes watered just a teeny bit.  Took about 20 minutes, including the post-waxing tweezing she did in the areas where the hair didn’t come out as well.  That was actually worse than the waxing, but it was because the hair just wasn’t long enough in spots.  Anyway, barring any unforseen aftereffects, I may keep it up.  The only drawback is having to grow it out to 1/4" each time.  But, I can say I popped my bikini wax cherry in the UK.

Posted by vanessa on July 17th, 2006 .
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My New Skill

My host in the UK asked whether I would be willing to cut his hair with his new electric clippers.  Having never done that, I admit I was both apprehensive and eager.  We both think I did a cracking job, and I now have a new skill for the resume. 

So, not only am I multi-orgasmic, I am a great cook and can give a decent haircut.  I am officially the perfect woman.

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Sugasm #38

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Want in Sugasm #39? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.


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Stranger In A Strange Land

England is beautiful - looks quite a bit like Seattle. I still haven’t decided whether I could live here, but I’ve started a list of pros and cons.

Pro: Just about everyone here has a gorgeous English accent, which keeps me perpetually moist.
Con: The humidity has been fairly steady at about 85%, which keeps me perpetually moist.

Pro: Healthcare is free to all UK residents.
Con: Paperback books cost about US $15 and gas is US $7.50-8.00/gallon.

Pro: Indian food is widely available and delicious.
Con: I found hamburgers in a tin. Hamburgers. In. A. Tin.

I still have four more weeks here, so I’m sure I’ll be adding to my list…

Posted by vanessa on July 13th, 2006 .
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