The Vibe Is Dead, Long Live The Vibe!!

The Explorer

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of “The Xplorer,” a true and faithful friend. R.I.P. Sigh.

I’ve joked about it, but in 20 years I’ve never actually “worn out” an electric vibrator. I’ve replaced them because they were kinda funky old, but never because the inner workings were fried.

My man took it apart to see if there was any way it could be repaired. Not a chance. He was impressed, however, by it’s mechanical simplicity. Solid-state, clean lines, no moving parts…but…dead nonetheless.Resting In PiecesD.E.A.D.

Batteries stand no chance against my multi-orgasmic self, but since I’m in the UK for a while I’m having difficulty finding a “mains-powered” replacement. My Hitachi Magic Wand, which I affectionately call “Henry,” is a bit too intense for me. I also left it back in the US, and a UK replacement is prohibitively expensive. Well, let’s face it, everything is prohibitively expensive in the UK.

The Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe Ultimate Combo is on my wish list…but, once again, it will cost literally half as much if I wait to get it once I return to the US. Yesterday, my electrical geek sweetie came up with an interesting alternative…an AC conversion for my iVibe Rabbit.

At first I was skeptical, and nervous, because I didn’t want to lose the only other appliance I brought with me. However, I was also going through 4 AA batteries per session, and I couldn’t afford to do that for much longer. Rechargables? Fuhgeddaboutit.

He used materials he had on hand, so it isn’t pretty, but it works. It actually works. Of course, it is no longer something I would take into the shower with me for safety’s sake, but because he sealed the connection with epoxy resin it is, technically, waterproof. The transformer/converter unit is temporary, because it is hideously large, but the cord is long enough that I can place it on the floor so it’s out of the way. The device is also much lighter without the weight of the batteries inside. Here is his photo of the beastie:
It's Aliiiiiiive!!!

Fortunately, this will only have to last me until we get back to the US - because it’s not like I can phone a friend in the states and have them ship me an Eroscillator. I could just imagine that conversation.

Hopefully, though, Doc Johnson or some other rabbit manufacturer will realize that there is a noticeable gap in the market for an electrical-powered rabbit vibrator. Soon. Please? Anyone? Buehler?

3 Responses to “The Vibe Is Dead, Long Live The Vibe!!”

  1. Shay Says:

    That’s quite the handy fellow you have for yourself! Maybe the two of you should market a “plug ‘n play” rabbit yourselves! Clearly there’s a demand - you can’t be the only one who goes through batteries so fast!

  2. Amanda Says:

    WOW! Now that’s very nearly the perfect toy. It still has its full range of speeds and everything? I had thought there was some complication with electric vibrators that they could only have two speeds (basically full-voltage and half-voltage, or some such). On the other hand, the Eroscillator has three speeds. Anyway, that’s very handy! It seems like it should be easy enough for Vibratex or Doc Johnson to come up with an adapter, I wonder why they haven’t yet? Lets hope they get on it!

  3. vanessa Says:

    Thanks guys! Not only does it still have its full range of speeds, this particular converter/transformer/doohickey allows for voltage adjustment. Normally the rabbit would need 6 volts, but I’ve experimented with adjusting it up to 8 volts…something that will reduce the life of the appliance but is fun to try!

    Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this is recommended or even safe…so let me be the human guinea pig and don’t try it yourself unless you know what you’re doing.


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