Sugasm #51

The best of the sex blogs this week by the bloggers who blog them. Spotlighting the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #52? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Tempting Decisions — a dialogue (
Petting Teacher (
D-Day for Dior (

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Porn Fatigue (

Editors’ Choice
First Taste (

Erotic Writing and Experiences
Ahh The Weekend - The Second Night (
Giving it my all (
I want you (
Like Kids in a Candy Story Part II (
Phone subbacultcha (
The Story of Fifteen (
There’s Something About A Blonde (
U wanan cybr? (

BDSM and Fetish
The First of a Trifecta (
FuckFace!!! And other KINKY Fantasies of Mine…. (
A Great Session (
Halloween Costumes (
Overdue (
‘She’s spanked, Jim’: Science Fiction & Fantasy in Spanking Films (
Spanking in space (
Vancouver Ink (

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Bow, chicka chicka, wow (
Melanaise’s Specs (Da Bootyologist) (
My top 5 (
The Politics of Tease and Denial (
Swinger vs. Poly: What Exactly IS Polyamory? Part 1 (
The Vibe Is Dead, Long Live The Vibe!! (

NSFW Pics (& a video)
Casey Parker Poses For DDGirls (
CockCuntblogging Wednesday 9 (
Emergency Boobs For The Sniggs (
Erection Workout (
Monica passes the phat booty test (
Natural Beauty (
ObsessionArt (

Sex News and Sexy Reviews
Alt-Porn for Everyone! (
Fleshlight - first impressions (
NEW Kinky & Cultural/Political Designs Added! (
Top 5 Pornos to Jerk Your Halloweenie To (

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