Sex While Sick = Interesting Results


So I’m on Day 5 of a really annoying cold. It’s not one of those colds that gives me that sexy husky voice. It’s the kind that makes me sound like I’m wearing a snorkel. Finally, though, I’m just well enough to feel REALLY horny.

Anyway, hubby has been only marginally successful at fending off the same crud, so we’ve been leaving each other alone to rest and heal while secretly wanting to exchange germs from every orifice.

We finally admitted this to each other tonight and almost punted the cat up the stairs in our frantic scramble to the bedroom.

Problem: while I do feel quite a bit better, I still can’t breathe from my nose. Heaving one’s bosom and panting can be quite sexy, but my panting tonight seemed more like a death rattle. Fortunately, the husband did most of the heavy lifting for this particular play date. Even so, I think I might have dipped one pedicured toe into the murky waters of breath play.

Speaking of waters, I’ve been known to be an occasional squirter. Well, it’s more like a gush, actually. The thing is, it’s never happened while I’ve been WITH someone, only when I’ve been alone, or doing my phone sessions, so it’s become the stuff of urban legend. I don’t really know if it’s a temporary phenomenon because of The Cold, but let’s just say we’re currently looking into a set of rubber sheets. And we’re sleeping on the guest bed. And I now, finally, have a witness.

2 Responses to “Sex While Sick = Interesting Results”

  1. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    Ah, gushing … ain’t it fun? I have a stack of towels next to the bed for play-time - two folded in quarters usually does the trick and stops the mattress getting soaked.

    You know, I really should get around to investing in rubber sheets. I wonder why I haven’t?

    xx Dee

  2. vanessa Says:

    Dee, the towels are now a bedside staple.



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