All Day Love

goodmorning We made love all day yesterday.

My first waking moments; your gentle fingers stroking my shoulders, my cheeks, down my back, the curves of my hips, the swell of my ass. Your warm, moist breath on my neck.

Good Morning.

The day’s routine was punctuated with passing strokes, stolen snuggles, tender kisses. A grazed breast, lightly, surreptitiously, in the market. Even mundane chores were electric with promise. You grew firm just by gazing in my eyes. Not yet.

I couldn’t wait much past lunch. I called to you. Yearning. You came to me. Eager.

Deft fingers brought me to my first peak. You didn’t realize then what a feat that was - many have tried, few have succeeded. Kudos. And, thank you.

togetherWe merged, finally. Embracing tightly, as though it would be our last. Limbs intertwined. Undulating, together, on a sea of tangled sheets. Crescendo.

As always, you cleansed me after. Diligently. Reverently. Nobody else has ever done that. Too sexy for words.

Dinner and a Rom-Com in each other’s arms on the sofa. Giggles. Tears. Sweet whispers. Then to bed.

Holding, caressing. Soft kisses. Tender words. Supposed to be getting sleepy. Not quite.

Once more. You were harder, bigger; impressive, considering the intensity of our earlier exchange. I had more to release as well. Not often the case, that many in one day. No less intense the second time. Bliss.

cuddlesMy last waking moments; your gentle fingers stroking my shoulders, my cheeks, down my back, the curves of my hips, the swell of my ass. Your warm, moist breath on my neck.

Good night.

6 Responses to “All Day Love”

  1. Pog Says:


    What a sensuous piece of writing. My groin tingled as I read it.

    Keep blogging,
    Pog x.

  2. Noiyuk Says:

    The second luckiest man I know. Does he have a name? He “cleansed” you? How innovative!


    His name is Husband #2, as of a couple of months ago. He wants me to tell you that he considers himself the luckiest man alive. And, yes, from the very first he has always taken great care to clean his love from me. His response when I questioned it (imagine the English accent): “Why, it just seems like the polite thing to do!”

    Try it next time. Keep a hankie handy, and be gentle. You will blow her away. I promise.

    - Vanessa

  3. Noiyuk Says:

    I’m sure that he thinkgs he’s the luckiest man alive. But, as a dis-interested third party,m I must tell you that I know a man luckier than he is. He’s married to the one woman I admire more than you! Can you imagine that?
    I will definitely try cleansing the next woman that I’m lucky enough to be with. Thanks for the tip!
    Hugs and Kisses!


    That man had better be your father!

    I willingly play second-fiddle to mothers/sisters/daughters. Nobody else. ;)


    - Vanessa

  4. The English Courtesan Says:

    Oooooh Vanessa, what fabulous photos! Where, oh where, oh where, did you get these beauties?

    Livvy xxx

    Livvy - thank you, I’m glad you like.

    Being isolated here in England without the ability to drive anywhere gives me lots of time to trawl the internet for vintage erotica and antique porn. Most of what I have is from early 20th century French postcards, and so old it’s out of copyright protection, which is just how I like it. It’s amazing what you can find on the Usenet newsgroups. My hard drive is bulging. I promise to keep sharing!


  5. Noiyuk Says:

    No, my Angel, he is not my Father! He’s a former Soldier who’s married to a woman who is still in the Army. And, if you can believe, is a sexier, freakier, more man friendly woman than you are?
    But, alas, it matters not: My chances of bedding either one of you is moot!

  6. adam b. Says:

    :thumbup: “The swell of my ass.”

    ~~Nice way to begin, and end, the day!~~

    :wink: Love it, w/sugar.

    xx,adam b.

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