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Thanksgiving Bounty

Hello lovers, here are a few feast-related pieces from my collection.


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Posted by vanessa on November 21st, 2007 .
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It’s official.  My childhood home is gone.  Taken by the ironically monikered ”witch fire” of California.  My parents built something out of nothing…and once more, it’s nothing.  Ashes to ashes.

It was just a house.  I’m sure it was more than that to the people who lived there.  It was more than that to me.  When I have dreams of home, I dream of that house…even though I haven’t lived there in half a lifetime.

It’s hard to think about what lies under those ashes.  There are so many memories…and so many demons.  Should I be sad it’s gone?  Or relieved?  Can I let go now?  How do I let go of something that won’t let go of me?  The grip is so tight…even if I let go a thousand times I’m still held tightly in its clutches.  Imprisoned in ashes.

Only ashes.

Posted by vanessa on November 16th, 2007 .
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  • tom paine: Nifty old erotica!! Thanks for sharing them.
  • Curvaceous Dee: Being happy is a hell of a lot more important than writing to keep us happy. I am so pleased for you!...
  • Pog: Hey Vanessa, Your husband is a very lucky man indeed. Take care, Pog.
  • havingmycake: Very worrying time for you both. Hope there is a good outcome.
  • Curvaceous Dee: *applauds* Oh, I am so pleased! It’s such a rare and special thing, and you well deserve it....