Review: Blacklight Beauty

When I saw the cover of Blacklight Beauty I was immediately drawn in and thought, “I have to have that.”  Unlike some covers that have a random blonde girl on the cover showing you her pussy, Blacklight Beauty’s cover is stylish and almost puts you in an erotic trance even though the film hasn’t even started.

The beginning of the film starts out kind of slow for my tastes, but I’ve never been one for teasing and looking at the performers in clothing before the scene. I’m more into wall-to-wall sex in my porn. But if you like a nice tease beforehand, you’ll really enjoy the beginning of the scenes. After that it quickly improves with hot scenes and one of the best porn soundtracks I have ever heard. I’m usually not a fan of music in my porn, but if it has to be there, this is the music it should be. It doesn’t take away from the scene at all, but rather, it enhances the mood of the film.

Sitting through all 10 scenes (yes, 10) was neither challenging nor a chore, but I did find one of the latter scenes, which includes clown sex, to not be my cup of tea. If the performer had not been wearing the clown mask however, it may have been one of my favorite scenes. I’ve decided not to do a breakdown scene by scene as covering all 10 would be a bit challenging and also probably put you to sleep. However, I will list some of the best scenes with a short description of why.

1) James Deen and Riley Mason: I may like this scene the best overall since it’s the one I usually watch first, or sometimes it’s the only one I watch. It has no music, which for me is a plus because you get to hear the actors’ voices more clearly. But mainly, let’s face it, James is hot for a porn guy and Riley is adorable as hell. She also has on fun purple PVC boots with black stars on them.

2) Joanna Angel and the Clown Guy: Yes, there’s a clown. Yes, it’s creepy. But I like Joanna so much that I don’t really care. You can tell she’s into what she’s doing and that for me makes any scene so much better.

3) Allie Sin and two random guys: I usually hate blowjob scenes, but this one is an exception. The trance-like music gives it a more artistic appeal than a traditional mainstream blowjob scene.

Although the style of the film is unique, I could see some getting annoyed with the constant color-tinting (ex. A scene will look entirely washed in purple or green, etc.) and flashing to black & white and back again. While this annoyed me a little bit at times, mostly it was just entertaining and helped Blacklight Beauty to stand out from some other films I have seen.

Attention blowjob lovers: This film is full of them. And I do mean full. There are blowjobs in almost every scene and a couple that only feature and actresses sucking multiple guys’ cocks at once. And oddly, I like them. One scene is shot with Faith and multiple men only lit by a flashlight. While it doesn’t give that highly-produced feel some like, it does make you feel more like you are there or that the scene could have actually happened.

This film was very hard to review, but in closing, if you like alternative porn and are up for a trance-like soundtrack give this one a try. The cast is great and it will definitely break you out of the mainstream porn rut.


$25.99Blacklight Beauty
DVD by Pulse Pictures
Cast: Mr. Pete, Taryn Thomas, Riley Mason, James Deen
Director: JackTheZipper
Buy from EdenFantasys
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Review: Hathor Body Exotic Love Oil

Exotic Love Oil is made by Hathor Body, a Canadian company run by a mother and daughter duo who have a passion for aromatherapy, herbology and massage. Upon receiving the Exotic Love Oil for review, I decided to do some more investigation about Hathor Body as I had not heard of the company before. Their entire line consists of lubricants, lotions, oil and lickable products. All of their products are formulated with natural and vegan ingredients. They also pride themselves in using organic ingredients when possible.

I was very excited to open and smell the oil as the ingredients really sounded wonderful. The oil base is pecan, which I found interesting since most nut-based massage oils are based in almond. The essential oils are ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, cinnamon and ginger, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin E to make your skin soft (and to minimize scars if you happen to have any!). Well, wanting to smell it was the right thing, because it smells heavenly! It’s very earthy and even a bit herbal, but with a hint of spice from the cinnamon and ginger. If you like natural smelling products rather than products with artificial scents (think green apple and strawberry) this is totally the product for you. Imagine walking into a marketplace somewhere in Asia and smelling all of the spices, wooden handcrafted bowls and fresh flowers for sale. Now imagine that scent all compacted into a 4 ounce bottle – yeah, it’s pretty fabulous.

The packaging of the bottle itself is minimalist, but I like it. It’s a basic apothecary deep blue glass bottle with a black screw on cap and the golden label common to all Hathor Body products. It lists the ingredients as well as touts the skin smoothing benefits of the oil. At the bottom of the bottle is also the tagline “All we need is love.” I personally think they should change it to “All we need is love and 100,000 bottles of Exotic Love Oil.”

And now the good stuff! We decided to put the oil to use and my boyfriend gave me a massage after my long day in classes. He used about a teaspoon of the oil for my entire body. He did mention to me afterwards that he thinks he could use less and it would work just as well, so that is something to keep in mind. It smoothed on like silk and made his hands glide gracefully all over my body. The smell instantly filled the room and made me relax even more. The oil stayed slick and never greasy through the entire 45 minute massage. I felt pampered instead of like a squeaky door hinge smothered in WD-40, which some oils in the past have done to me. The oil absorbed into my skin by the end and left it soft and smooth. I didn’t have to shower at all and my boyfriend didn’t have to wash his hands off. I’m currently sitting here and touching my back constantly to feel how smooth and moisturized it feels! I also still smell like a heavenly, spice filled paradise. A massage with this oil works better than any moisturizer I have tried, and trust me, I’ve tried a ton.

I couldn’t recommend this product more. It’s amazing and definitely worth the price. If you don’t have this in your cart on EdenFantasys yet, you’re making a big mistake.

Review: Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Uno

I’ve been putting off writing this review for quite a while because there are so many reviews on vaginal balls and I’m just not sure what to say.  Also, being my first kegel exerciser, I’m not experienced enough to provide the insight that some reviewers have.  Nevertheless, I’ve decided to review them and give you my opinion, however inexperienced it may be.

I had been looking for kegel exercisers for quite some time because my pelvic floor muscles are exceptionally weak.  I can’t flex and hold them for any time at all, not to mention the 3 grueling seconds mentioned in many kegel exercise regimens.  I chose the Fun Factory Smartballs teneouno for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, they’re silicone, so they’re superior to the old Smartballs and other vaginal ball exercisers.  I like that they can be sanitized, although since it’s just me using them, I doubt this will be something I’ll do.  Secondly, in the teneouno there is just one vaginal ball.  I’d heard that the original balls were too long for some people’s anatomy; I wasn’t sure if my anatomy was shorter, but I wasn’t going to take a chance on buying something I potentially couldn’t use.

Upon insertion they’re pretty damn comfortable.  My vagina didn’t start bitching about something not being right in there, so I’m taking that as a good sign.  It actually is just like when I put in my Diva Cup, comfortable as hell and I can barely feel it.  However, the not feeling it really is also the part I’m disappointed in.

Smartballs are meant to be stimulating, at least mildly, while being worn and walking around.  The teneouno, although very nice, is not very stimulating at all.  I wasn’t expecting it to be like having a Hitachi in my vagina, but I wanted them to be felt.  I’m assuming the teneoduo or the original Smartballs would have more of this effect.

Removal is something with which beginning users may have trouble.  Although there is a silicone retrieval string, it is very thin and I am afraid putting too much pressure on it may cause it to snap.  Therefore, it’s best to bear down and push the ball out of your vagina until you can get a grip on the base of the strings to help it out.  This should sound very familiar is you use a Diva Cup or any menstrual cup – they all have to be pushed out slightly with the vaginal muscles.  For those who haven’t had to do this, it’s like pooping only with your vagina instead of your ass.

I haven’t used them enough to notice any strengthening of my PC muscles, but they do give you something to clench while doing your daily kegels.  Overall, I would recommend the teneouno if you are looking for some beginning vaginal balls to help you out with your kegel exercises.  They’re definitely going to get some use.

product picture
Vaginal balls by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone

Review: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women

Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women is a must have for every woman even semi-interested in anal play. Tristan’s Guide is all-inclusive and if you’re a beginner, everything you ever want to know will be on one of the 220 pages in this book.

Tristan’s book is broken up into nineteen different chapters covering everything from inserting a finger to anal fisting. It starts out with a chapter devoted to the 12 myths about anal sex. This is a perfect introduction because it dispels any misconceptions you may have about anal before it even starts laying the groundwork for anal play. The second edition of this book is updated with new information, new advice and a column called Ask the Anal Advisor where Tristan answers actual reader questions, so even if you have the first edition, getting the second would be a good investment.

Tristan starts by telling the reader how much she enjoys anal sex and thinks that all women have that capacity if they take their time and are well informed about their own anal anatomy and the reactions of the body. One of the first things Tristan addresses, in the myths section and in almost every section throughout the book, is that anal sex should not hurt. Not even one little bit. This is a point that cannot be said enough as most people who want to try anal are worried about pain. Tristan points out time and again that if it hurts, you’re doing something wrong and your body is telling you to stop it.

There is a section devoted completely to preparation and hygiene, which is great for those of us that are scared to try anal due to the possibility of encountering feces. One thing Tristan mentions is – get over the feces issue, it’s just part of you and if you run into it, clean off and continue – it makes the average person feel much better to know that even pros and porn stars encounter feces in their anal adventures. This and other aspects of Tristan’s book make it seem like she’s a good friend giving you advice rather than an author you’ve never met. She is constantly reminding you that she too is human and experiences the same things we all do.

One of the most important chapters in the book is entitled Beyond Our Bodies. This chapter goes over emotional issues with anal, trusting and communicating with your partner and covers things like fear, fantasies and power issues. Since half of anal is emotional and mental, this chapter is a must-have addition to any book on anal sex.

Some chapters are devoted to sex toy materials and find the perfect anal probe, butt plug or strap-on to start or continue your anal pleasure. She also talks about lubricants and stresses the importance of a good, thick lubricant because unlike the vagina, the ass doesn’t have any means of self-lubrication. She makes a few specific brand recommendations such as Astroglide gel and Maximus.

The positions chapter is great. It probably doesn’t have any positions you couldn’t figure out on your own, but what it does have is information about where pressure is applied in each position and why some might be painful for people with certain anal anatomy. It adds tips and positive aspects about each position by the illustration. When I work my way up to full anal sex with my partner, we’ll definitely be looking at this chapter for advice.

There are also really interesting chapters on anal fisting, enemas, butt bondage, anal health and safer sex. All in all, this is definitely worth the read and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone interested in anal pleasure.

product picture
Book by Tristan Taormino
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.

Review: Sliquid Sassy

Sliquid Sassy booty formula is the first anal lube I have tried, since my adventures into the world of anal play are only just now beginning. I had tried Sliquid Silver before and liked it enough that I wanted to look at more Sliquid lubes. I’m very glad I did!

Sliquid Sassy is a thick, gel-like water-based lube that stays where it is put. It comes in a 4oz. bottle that is a great size, but if you want to take it on the airplane with you, you would need to put it into a smaller bottle since the airlines currently only allows 3oz. bottles on aircraft. I plan on taking it to Spain next summer to continue my anal adventures, so I’ll be putting it in a new bottle. I’ll be there for 3 months and can’t survive without good lube!

The flip top on the bottle works well. It is easy to dispense from, yet keeps too much from coming out at once. This way you won’t be swimming in lube when you just want a little spot. It also won’t pop open at an inopportune moment, so your bag won’t be dripping lube when you’re having dinner with your parents!

I have used Sliquid Sassy both anally and vaginally and I have to say it stands up very well for both uses. One of the greatest things is that you don’t have to worry about yeast infections or any sort of burning sensation when using it because it is glycerin, paraben and petro-chemical free! It provides a great moisturizing feel when used both anally and vaginally.

You won’t have to reapply every 3 minutes because this lube is built to last. I first used it when using my Fun Factory Bootie plug and during a 35 minute time of having it in, never felt like it was drying up or becoming uncomfortable in any way. Also, used vaginally it rivaled the lasting time of silicone lubricant, but without the problems I seem to have with silicone (it builds up in my vagina & tries to camp out for days).

I would definitely recommend Sliquid Sassy for anyone who wants a good lube that lasts and is free of infection and irritation causing nasties. You can get your own bottle over at EdenFantasys!

Review: LELO Ina

Since the release of the LELO Ina there has been an overload of posts, tweets and forum posts of people professing their need for Ina.  I was lucky enough that my first review for the wonderful gets to be of Ina.  For those of you not in the know, Ina is LELO’s first dual-stimulation vibrator.  It’s silicone, rechargeable, and comes in the best colors I have ever seen in a sex toy – bright purple, lime green or orange.  I chose orange.

You probably want to know how the toy actually works, and considering it’s been reviewed to death already I’m going to be honest and short.  I don’t want to ramble about packaging and repeat the same thing you’ve already read twenty times.

To start out, it’s definitely cool looking – my boyfriend, who is obsessed with modern furniture, thinks it would make a good art piece to put on the wall – I’m not inclined to disagree with that.  But the thing is, after the design the positives start a downward slope.  Sure, it’s reasonably strong, but if I only wanted a strong vibe I’d go for something cheaper like a bullet.  It has patterns, but so do other things that cost a fraction of the price.

It does hit my g-spot reasonably well, but it’s not anything like I need to have a g-spot orgasm.  If you like some light brushing of your g-spot, this will do it, but if you need pressure then you need to look elsewhere.  It doesn’t have the rotating pearls that some rabbits have, but I really don’t miss them since most of them jam with clenching anyway.  However, if you like them you may not like the Ina as the stimulation of the vaginal opening is minimal.

But what’s my main pet peeve with this thing?  The clit sitmulator is ROCK. HARD.  As in, it doesn’t move.  When you try to place it over your clit it slides off to the side and grinds into your pelvic bones, which might be the most annoying thing ever.  This also impedes your ability to thrust with Ina since thrusting will cause the clit stimulator to slip to the side constantly.  Thrusting is close to impossible unless you want the clit stimulator to slip and clamp on your bones.  No thanks.

A couple of reviewers have mentioned they like the pressure, but I fail to see how you can like the pressure if the pressure doesn’t even reach your clit.  I realize this is based on personal anatomy, so maybe they really do like the pressure, but let me tell you – it’s not going to fit everyone.  If LELO would have made the clit attachment flexible the entire tone of this review would change.

The vibration patterns are interesting at least.  There is one in particular that alternates pulsation between the shaft and the clit stimulator which is especially nice (that is if I can get it to stay on my clit).  There are also some rollercoaster patterns, pulsations, and a number of levels of steady vibration.  It definitely has variety, but in the end that variety doesn’t change the rigidity of the clitoral stimulator.

So what’s the verdict on the Ina?  Is it worth the high price?  I’ll let you decide.

The great: well-designed, great color variety, strong vibrations, variety of vibration patterns

The not-so-hot: The clit stimulator is stiff to the point I thought it might break off during use, there is a slight smell right out of the package, the buttons are not very sensitive, the shaft is also rock hard.

Thanks, so much to for letting me review the Ina.  Want to get Ina or something else?  Use the code SARAID15 for 15% off!

Review: Astroglide glycerin and paraben free

So I’ve been putting off writing this review because, well, there’s really not much to say.  I ordered a bottle of Astroglide glycerin and paraben free mainly to use with my Diva Cup when I have to put it in at school.

If there is one thing that Astroglide got right on this one, it’s the bottle.  Coming in at only 2.5 ounces, it is the perfect size to put into your purse or bag, and is also small enough to take in your carry-on when flying!  The top on the bottle is a flip top which is very secure, so you won’t have to worry about it leaking all over your new shoes, etc.  So far I’ve carried it in my bag once and found no issues.  It’s big enough to find when you need it, even if you happen to carry one of those one-pocket-catches-all totes, and small enough to not take up much room and not scream, “Hi! [Insert name here] has lube in his/her bag!”

Since it is glycerin and paraben free you are less likely to get a UTI or a yeast infection from its use.  However, there is a small problem with this lube – its smell.  It smells a little bit chemically, which I find odd seeing as how it’s glycerin and paraben free.  Isn’t it supposed to be less chemically smelling?  I wish it was more like Toyfluid in the sense that it doesn’t smell at all.

Also, even though it’s glycerin free, it still gets that sticky feeling to it after a couple of minutes like sugary lubes do.  Also, it dries up after about 5 minutes, making reapplication necessary frequently.  This makes me wonder if this lube is actually any better than some of the glycerin containing lubes.  Have they replaced glycerin with something equally sticky and bad for you?  Since I’m not an expert on lubes, I can’t tell which of the ingredients are good and which aren’t, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.

All in all I give it a 2/5.  I’ll probably be keeping this in my purse to put in my Diva Cup and out of the bedroom.

Review: LELO Mia

So I’m a geek. I like flash drives, looking around, reading linguistics books for fun and talking to my boyfriend about phonology. Therefore, when I got the Mia from Edenfantasys I was ultra excited that it charges in my computer’s USB port.

Mia is made of ABS plastic and silicone; therefore she’s body safe and easily cleaned. However, this also means that Mia should never be used with silicone lube as it could damage her nice silicone parts. Cleaning Mia is really simple. I would recommend you clean her with toy wipes of use a slightly moist cloth to clean and rinse her, since she’s not waterproof or splashproof. As long as you’re careful your Mia should be just fine.

Mia arrived at my door when I was in the shower, so my boyfriend brought in the package and put her on the bed. I got out and danced around like a little kid on Christmas quickly opening up the Mia. I was impressed with LELO’s sleek and elegant packaging, and absolutely loved that the outside of the box was the same color as my new deep pink/purple Mia. Since Mia is my second toy from LELO I knew what to expect, but was wowed nevertheless.

I opened up Mia’s packaging to reveal a small vibrator the size of a large lipstick tube or a regular tube of mascara. Along with Mia come the standard things from LELO such as a 1 year warranty, a user manual (I suggest you read it quickly before playing with Mia) and a satin drawstring pouch. Since Mia is USB chargeable, LELO also includes a USB extender if you have a hard to reach USB port, but I just plug my Mia straight into my laptop.

Unfortunately, as with all LELO vibrators, the Mia needs to be charged for 2 hours before use. So I went to the store and got some things I needed while I waited for her to finish charging. Mia, as stated my LELO, should never be left to charge for over 24 hours. When I got back from the store I put Mia to work. My boyfriend had some things to do, so I lied down on the bed and started playing with Mia by myself.

Before I get into details about what she feels like, I should tell you that Mia has quite a few functions. She has various levels of continuous vibration and also 3 different pulsating settings. To go through the settings, you only have to press the + and – buttons on her, which makes Mia a great first time vibe for anyone. The highest setting of continuous vibration is my favorite and packs quite a punch. It’s not jet engine powered, but it’s definitely enough to get you there in around 5 minutes. The pulsating functions on Mia are superior to my other pulsating vibe, as the pattern goes between low vibrations and a high vibration, instead of cutting out all the way between pulses. Basically, Mia does – BZZbzzBZZbzz – instead of other vibes which pulsate as follows: BZZ…BZZ… If you hate when you vibes cut out during pulsation, Mia is for you.

Now, onto what she feels like. Mia was able to get me to orgasm rather quickly once I set my mind to it. Her vibrations are more surface-oriented, like a bullet vibe, rather than deeper like some insertable vibes are when used on the clitoris. However, she feels great and since the surface area of the end of Mia is so small, her vibrations are more pinpointed than larger vibes. As I was using Mia my boyfriend came into the room and wanted to get in on the action. We quickly found out that Mia is absolutely wonderful for partner sex! She’s small enough to not get in the way during most all positions – we tried her out in about 7 or 8 – and her vibrations are strong enough that they can be felt inside the vagina. My boyfriend said he was shocked at first by the intensity, but really liked the feeling of fucking a vibrating vagina. It was great for me as well since I love penetration along with clitoral stimulation.

The only thing I would change about Mia is I would make her a little stronger, but for the size, as I said, she does pack a punch and is enough to get you off. Overall, I’m very happy with the Mia and would recommend her to anybody! She’s definitely staying in the front of my toy drawer from now on.

You can get your own Mia at Edenfantasys!

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic

Sex While Sick = Interesting Results

So Im on Day 5 of a really annoying cold. Its not one of those colds that gives me that sexy husky voice. Its the kind that makes me sound like Im wearing a snorkel. Finally, though, I’m just well enough to feel REALLY horny.

Anyway, hubby has been only marginally successful at fending off the same crud, so we’ve been leaving each other alone to rest and heal while secretly wanting to exchange germs from every orifice.

We finally admitted this to each other tonight and almost punted the cat up the stairs in our frantic scramble to the bedroom.

Problem: while I do feel quite a bit better, I still cant breathe from my nose. Heaving ones bosom and panting can be quite sexy, but my panting tonight seemed more like a death rattle. Fortunately, the husband did most of the heavy lifting for this particular play date. Even so, I think I might have dipped one pedicured toe into the murky waters of breath play.

Speaking of waters, Ive been known to be an occasional squirter. Well, its more like a gush, actually. The thing is, its never happened while Ive been WITH someone, only when Ive been alone, or doing my phone sessions, so its become the stuff of urban legend. I don’t really know if its a temporary phenomenon because of The Cold, but lets just say were currently looking into a set of rubber sheets. And were sleeping on the guest bed. And I now, finally, have a witness.

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