This Day In England

Well, you can learn quite a bit about England from just one days news. Here are a few tidbits I have learned today about the little place Ive been calling home for the past nine months

  1. If a fire breaks out, tough. Suck it up, Nancy!
  2. We got us some pervs. actually, these guys give pervs a bad name
  3. We have a teeny drinking problem. doh!
  4. Were all gonna die in a horrible flood. again, doh!
  5. Were all gonna die in a massive suicide bombing. Did the knighthood committee really think that through?
  6. If #4 & 5 dont happen, stay out of the hospital. Those places will kill you.
  7. The Druids need your vote.
  8. London is Better Than Moscow. (but only just)
  9. If the train doesnt go where youre going, they just make shit up.
  10. The BBC is biased. Just ask the BBC.

Spammers Can Lick My Cats Ass

This was me, just a few hours ago.

I woke up this morning to find that my entire site had been suspended. Turns out some asshat had been using the contact me form to turn my site into a spam relay. The worst part was, my host (id-May ase-Phay dot om-cay) seemed to think that I was the criminal and locked me out completely so that I had no way of fixing it, then proceeded to ask what I was planning on doing to fix it.


So, after I explained exactly where I thought their heads were placed anatomically, they let me back in to my control panel. I removed the contact form, and I hope I solved the problem. Unfortunately, this means that if you want to contact me privately, you have to send me a mail to Vanessa (at Sorry for the extra step, but I dont have any choice. Until I can get a secure contact form (is there one?) it has to go via email.

Heres the thing. Spammers wouldnt spam if they didnt think they would make money. They wouldnt make money if the Nigerian Viagra peddlers didnt pay them per hit. And the Nigerian Viagra peddlers wouldnt pay them per hit if people didnt buy their crap. (Personally, I think the Nigerian people are getting a bad rap all because of a few asshats).

Are you buying their crap? Im sure not buying their crap. Who in hell is buying this crap? Any people, and I use the term loosely, who agree to give these guys so much as one thin dime, are the entire reason spam exists. We could wipe spam out tomorrow if nobody bought their crap anymore.

Listen To Vanessa: Dont Buy This Crap!!!

Back Trouble = Sex Trouble

So, where the hell have I been? My sweetie decided to get himself a herniated disc and the resulting sciatica. Net result is lots of caregiving, little blogging, and even less sex.

And so it goesenjoy the Sugasms while we both recover.

P.S. I need an Eroscillator, STAT!!


Yeah, I know I haven’t posted much lately. Its not that anything is wrong; quite the opposite. Things are actually going quite well. And its always easier to write when things arent going well. Angst and ennui make for great creative stimuli. Satisfaction and contentment are creatively boring.

A half-lifetime of sexual discontent has evolved into something much different. Im feeling sexually fulfilled. I have a wonderful partner, who ministers to my every need. Even if that need is a cup of drinking chocolate at 1am. With the little marshmallows, even.

I dont feel sexually obligated. Its no longer something I feel I have to do because, well, thats what a dutiful wife has to do. I enjoy sex with my new partner. Well, newer.

And my ex-husband has finally confessed to having started dating. He even has a girlfriend. Hes moving on. I am so relieved and pleased. The guilt of leaving someone who didnt want to be left is some of the worst guilt one can experience. But I can close that chapter now. Finally.

I apologize for not writing more frequently. But, frankly, I cant think of anything to write about when Im happy. And I’m happy.