Better Than Chocolate Review

I had mixed emotions when EdenFantasys gave me the chance to check the Better Than Chocolate.  I read some really fantastic BTC reviews and then some reviews that said the BTC lacked little authority.  Nevertheless, I decided to try it for myself at least and see what the fuss is about, so I accepted the offer.

The Better Than Chocolate is a clitoral stimulator produced from TPE by Nomi Tang, a fresh firm.  It is regulated by a touch-strip (think like an iPod) and has some variance in rates of vibration as well as some pulsations.

So, let’s cut here to the chase.  The BTC is a sex toy for getting you off, but miserably it fails.  I switched on the BTC and was mildly optimistic and seemed fine for a low level as the level of vibration. I discovered it was the greatest level.  Yep, at the top it begins.

Okay, so it’s not too powerful, so it’s good for foreplay correct?  Nope.  It’s just fuckin’ annoying.  Getting you off is not big enough, but not good enough to use for foreplay.  Using as a warm-up for a lengthy masturbation session is not great enough either because it frustrates me more than preparing me for more.

The Better Than Chocolate is waterproof, but as I don’t have a bath, I haven’t attempted it underwater.  But I used it in the shower, which wasn’t an issue as the battery pack remained dry, but the energy was still really disappointing.  I got out of the shower after a few minutes and went to finish me off for my trusty Eroscillator as the BTC couldn’t.  When it senses water, the touch strip is set to lock, but since shower water is constantly moving it kept changing my setting continually, which was beyond molestation.

I’d pass this one up unless you’re extremely delicate.  I’m offering it one on “vroom” even though Eden Fantasys defines one as “Very gentle, incredibly low level of vibration, excellent for newbies, foreplay and additional delicate areas.” I’d redefine that as, “Barely good for anything unless you’re really, really delicate.” As stated above, this is certainly not worthy of being a foreplay toy.

I’m giving it two stars because I believe the design has shown some effort, although the touch-slide has turned out to be more awkward than useful and the general shape is a bit clunky.  Unless you’re really going to spend too much money ($80) on a toy that’s just going to sit on your dresser and look fairly much invest in something more helpful like the Fun Factory LayaSpot (for about $47) I’ve had over a year and it’s still fun.