Blacklight Beauty Review

When I saw Blacklight Beauty’s cover, I was immediately drawn in and thought, “I have to have that.” Unlike some covers with a random blonde girl on the cover showing you her pussy, Blacklight Beauty’s cover is stylish and almost puts you in an erotic trance even though the movie hasn’t even begun.

The film’s start begins kind of slow for my tastes, but before the scene I’ve never been one to tease and look at the actors in clothing. I’m in my porn more about wall-to-wall sex. But if you like a preliminary good tease, you’ll really appreciate the scenes starting. After that, with hot scenes and one of the greatest porn soundtracks I’ve ever heard, it increases rapidly. Usually I’m not a fan of porn music, but if it’s got to be there, that’s the music it should be. It doesn’t take the scene away at all, but it enhances the movie’s mood.

Sitting through all 10 scenes (yes, 10) was not a challenge or a chore, but I found one of the latter scenes, including clown sex, not to be my tea cup. However, if the performer didn’t wear the clown mask, it might have been one of my favourite scenes. I decided not to do a scene-by-scene breakdown because it would be a little difficult to cover all 10 and likely also put you to sleep. However, with a brief explanation of why, I will list some of the finest scenes.

1) James Deen and Riley Mason: I may like the best general scene because it’s the one I generally watch first, or the only one I watch sometimes. It doesn’t have music, which is a plus for me because you can hear the voices of the performers more obviously. But mostly, let’s face it, for a porn man, James is hot and Riley is cute as hell. She also has black stars on them on fun purple PVC shoes.

2) Joanna Angel and Clown Guy: Yes, the clown is there. Yes, it’s amazing. But I’m so fond of Joanna that I don’t care. You can tell her what she’s doing and it makes any scene so much better for me.

3) Allie Sin and two random guys: I hate blowjob scenes, but this is an exception. The trance-like music provides it a more creative attraction than a traditional blowjob mainstream scene.

Although the film’s style is distinctive, I could see some getting upset with the continual color tinting (e.g. a scene looks completely washed in purple or green, etc.) and flashing back and forth to black & white. While this sometimes annoyed me a bit, mostly it was just fun and helped make Blacklight Beauty stand out from some of the other movies I’ve seen.

Lovers of blowjob attention: this movie is full of them. And I mean the whole thing. In almost every scene, there are blowjobs and a pair that only feature and actors at once sucking the cocks of various men. And strangely, I like it. One scene is shot with Faith, and only a flashlight illuminates various people. While it doesn’t offer a feeling of being highly produced, it makes you feel more like you’re there or the scene might actually have occurred.

But in closing, if you like alternative porn and are up for a trance-like soundtrack, attempt this one. The cast is fantastic and you’re certainly going to break out of the porn rut mainstream.