Blogging from a café in Philadelphia and a new domain name

So we all know I’ve been more than a little absent as of late from the blogosphere.  There are actually quite a few reasons for that.  First off, I had final exams which almost killed me – consequently I got the worst grades of my life.  I really hope next semester holds better cards for me.  Secondly, I’ve just finished up the process of going off of my anti-depressants and therefore have been having giant moodswings.  Seriously, you wouldn’t want to be around me now.  My boyfriend has noticed this and is kind of keeping his distance as to not get on my nerves.  He even said last night when we go to the Cartier store he would buy me something to cheer me up  – then we both joked that he’ll buy me a brochure for $10 or something.

Also, I have a new domain I’ve been fiddling with.  This post is going to be cross-posted over to my new domain and after this post I’ll be leaving my hosting for good.  My layout definitely is not complete or even finalized as half of the themes I’ve been trying out have something broken in them and won’t work, but it’ll get there.  Just look at the content and not the layout for a while, will you?  I’ll get it looking sexy eventually with the assistance of the lovely and awesome Epiphora.

Oh, yeah, and I’m in Philadelphia!  My partner has job interviews (he’s in one right now) so I’m relaxing in a café nearby the place where his first interview is taking place.  The only bad thing?  I totally forgot to order decaf coffee so I’m all shaky.  I’m going to have to opt to not finish out the cup.

Anyway, I have a lot of things planned for this new domain, so plan to be reading regular updates instead of sporadic reviews and blurbs like I was doing during my days at hosting.  When I get back into Indiana I have a whole line-up of awesome reviews coming at you – specifically the Jollie dildo (the one that looks like a sci-fi raygun), Tristan Plug, Eroscillator, Astro vibe, Liberator throe and a couple other fun things.  I’m also looking to start a few weekly features and am currently looking for ideas.  If you have an idea of a feature you’d like to read – anything at all – you can suggest it to me at hello.saraid [at] gmail [dot] com.  I’ll be more than happy to take your suggestions into account, actually, I need them, so have at it!

Finally, I hope you all had a great holiday (whichever you celebrate – be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or Festivus).  I’m really looking forward to the New Year coming and connecting with more people through my blogging.  I’ll see you all sooner rather than later.  Stay awesome and leave me as many suggestions as you can think of for weekly features!

P.S.  If you’re in the Philly area, the café I’m blogging from is called the Naked Chocolate Café.  They don’t have soymilk, which bums me out, but they do have some pretty outstanding coffee and it has a nice atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend it.