Review: Astroglide glycerin and paraben free

So I’ve been putting off writing this review because, well, there’s really not much to say.  I ordered a bottle of Astroglide glycerin and paraben free mainly to use with my Diva Cup when I have to put it in at school.

If there is one thing that Astroglide got right on this one, it’s the bottle.  Coming in at only 2.5 ounces, it is the perfect size to put into your purse or bag, and is also small enough to take in your carry-on when flying!  The top on the bottle is a flip top which is very secure, so you won’t have to worry about it leaking all over your new shoes, etc.  So far I’ve carried it in my bag once and found no issues.  It’s big enough to find when you need it, even if you happen to carry one of those one-pocket-catches-all totes, and small enough to not take up much room and not scream, “Hi! [Insert name here] has lube in his/her bag!”

Since it is glycerin and paraben free you are less likely to get a UTI or a yeast infection from its use.  However, there is a small problem with this lube – its smell.  It smells a little bit chemically, which I find odd seeing as how it’s glycerin and paraben free.  Isn’t it supposed to be less chemically smelling?  I wish it was more like Toyfluid in the sense that it doesn’t smell at all.

Also, even though it’s glycerin free, it still gets that sticky feeling to it after a couple of minutes like sugary lubes do.  Also, it dries up after about 5 minutes, making reapplication necessary frequently.  This makes me wonder if this lube is actually any better than some of the glycerin containing lubes.  Have they replaced glycerin with something equally sticky and bad for you?  Since I’m not an expert on lubes, I can’t tell which of the ingredients are good and which aren’t, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.

All in all I give it a 2/5.  I’ll probably be keeping this in my purse to put in my Diva Cup and out of the bedroom.

Review: LELO Mia

So I’m a geek. I like flash drives, looking around, reading linguistics books for fun and talking to my boyfriend about phonology. Therefore, when I got the Mia from Edenfantasys I was ultra excited that it charges in my computer’s USB port.

Mia is made of ABS plastic and silicone; therefore she’s body safe and easily cleaned. However, this also means that Mia should never be used with silicone lube as it could damage her nice silicone parts. Cleaning Mia is really simple. I would recommend you clean her with toy wipes of use a slightly moist cloth to clean and rinse her, since she’s not waterproof or splashproof. As long as you’re careful your Mia should be just fine.

Mia arrived at my door when I was in the shower, so my boyfriend brought in the package and put her on the bed. I got out and danced around like a little kid on Christmas quickly opening up the Mia. I was impressed with LELO’s sleek and elegant packaging, and absolutely loved that the outside of the box was the same color as my new deep pink/purple Mia. Since Mia is my second toy from LELO I knew what to expect, but was wowed nevertheless.

I opened up Mia’s packaging to reveal a small vibrator the size of a large lipstick tube or a regular tube of mascara. Along with Mia come the standard things from LELO such as a 1 year warranty, a user manual (I suggest you read it quickly before playing with Mia) and a satin drawstring pouch. Since Mia is USB chargeable, LELO also includes a USB extender if you have a hard to reach USB port, but I just plug my Mia straight into my laptop.

Unfortunately, as with all LELO vibrators, the Mia needs to be charged for 2 hours before use. So I went to the store and got some things I needed while I waited for her to finish charging. Mia, as stated my LELO, should never be left to charge for over 24 hours. When I got back from the store I put Mia to work. My boyfriend had some things to do, so I lied down on the bed and started playing with Mia by myself.

Before I get into details about what she feels like, I should tell you that Mia has quite a few functions. She has various levels of continuous vibration and also 3 different pulsating settings. To go through the settings, you only have to press the + and – buttons on her, which makes Mia a great first time vibe for anyone. The highest setting of continuous vibration is my favorite and packs quite a punch. It’s not jet engine powered, but it’s definitely enough to get you there in around 5 minutes. The pulsating functions on Mia are superior to my other pulsating vibe, as the pattern goes between low vibrations and a high vibration, instead of cutting out all the way between pulses. Basically, Mia does – BZZbzzBZZbzz – instead of other vibes which pulsate as follows: BZZ…BZZ… If you hate when you vibes cut out during pulsation, Mia is for you.

Now, onto what she feels like. Mia was able to get me to orgasm rather quickly once I set my mind to it. Her vibrations are more surface-oriented, like a bullet vibe, rather than deeper like some insertable vibes are when used on the clitoris. However, she feels great and since the surface area of the end of Mia is so small, her vibrations are more pinpointed than larger vibes. As I was using Mia my boyfriend came into the room and wanted to get in on the action. We quickly found out that Mia is absolutely wonderful for partner sex! She’s small enough to not get in the way during most all positions – we tried her out in about 7 or 8 – and her vibrations are strong enough that they can be felt inside the vagina. My boyfriend said he was shocked at first by the intensity, but really liked the feeling of fucking a vibrating vagina. It was great for me as well since I love penetration along with clitoral stimulation.

The only thing I would change about Mia is I would make her a little stronger, but for the size, as I said, she does pack a punch and is enough to get you off. Overall, I’m very happy with the Mia and would recommend her to anybody! She’s definitely staying in the front of my toy drawer from now on.

You can get your own Mia at Edenfantasys!

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic