Holiday giving wishlist

I decided to jump in with the holiday wishlist meme.  So here’s my wishlist.  If you have one too, post a link and I’ll see if I have something/can get something that you would like!
  1. Nice, plain clothes.  Think the stuff on sale from Banana Republic or Gap that has a little more style than a plain t-shirt, so it can be dressed up or dressed down. Right now my wardrobe is full of either black band t-shirts or formal dresses.  I obviously need something in between especially since I’ll be starting job interviews soon.  I usually wear a medium.
  2. Cute and simple jewelry that can be dressed up or down for multiple occasions.
  3. Giftcards for  It has everything basic that I actually need and it would be great to be able to buy things when I need them.
  4. Sex toy storage – I really like the smaller For Your Nymphomation cases in particular.  My toy drawer is getting messy because there is so much in there and also, I’m traveling to Spain for 3 months this coming summer.  I need an easy and discreet way to carry my sex toys in my bag since we only travel with a carry-on.  It just needs to be big enough to fit a butt plug, a dildo, a small vibrator and that’s about it.  Preferably black in color, but I’ll take what I can get, so as long as it’s not animal print I don’t really care about color.
  5. Honestly, anything that can help me organize would be great.  I’m unorganized and hate it.  I would even love advice on how to best pack a carry-on containing enough clothing for 3 months.  Advice is free to give and I would love you!
  6. Anything off of my three separate wishlists. Of course.
  7. Someone to help walk me through getting my blog new hosting and making a new layout.  I can’t pay someone for consulting, but I would really appreciate having someone there to help me out when I need it.  I honestly don’t know much about computers and don’t want to totally fuck things up.  Kind of an official blog mentor.
  8. Lube.  Seriously.  Anything paraben and glycerin free (preferably water-based) that you find good.  It doesn’t have to be off my wishlist or anything.  I am going through lube like crazy lately and basically, you can never have enough lube.
  9. Anything from  I love all of their products and they make me really, really happy.

That’s all I can think of for now.  I can be contacted at hello.saraid [at] gmail [dot] com.  If you are in the giving spirit and any of these sound like something you can do, let me know!