Close2You Sinfonia Review

Close2You is a fresh German brand based on music stuff many of its models and names.  And frankly, they seem to have quality toys if you can get past the really absurd title.

I chose the Sinfonia, which is sold as a g-spot vibrator, but likely the most odd-looking g-spot vibrator I’ve ever seen.  So I was really skeptical as to whether or not it would actually work for me. However, I was pleasantly amazed that the Sinfonia as a vibrator is not a full failure.

First of all, the Sinfonia is silicone.  The silicone is smooth, smooth and velvety–much like Fun Factory, another German business.  Even the battery cap’s plastic is coated with velvet so the whole toy feels smooth.  Because of this, you should only use water-based lube with the toy to prevent it from eroding.  Also, you can’t cook it because it has plastic and mechanical components.  Wipe it with 1 part bleach, 9 parts water solution and rinse clean if you feel the need to sterilize it.


There is certainly more positive than negative in the Sinfonia.  First of all, the tapered shape makes it perfect for someone who has little experience with penetration or just warm up.  It also makes an ideal clitoral stimulator because the tip vibrations are very precise.

G-spot stimulation is feasible, but not the kind of pressure I need to squirt.  It’s more or less just a g-spot light brushing that really feels good.  I was worried it would poke my g-spot into submission because of the shape, but the silicone is soft enough that it wasn’t a issue to poke.

The features are fairly cool.  They are at least distinct from most vibrators ‘ ordinary pulsating and vibrating environments.  Some of them are somewhat erratic because they’re attempting to be so distinct, but I guess there’s a guy out there who wants them all.

The controls are easy to push, but you’re not going to brush over and alter without any significance.  There is an on / off button that will cycle through all patterns.  It’s as fundamental as it can get controls while having distinct tasks.


It’s definitely not a bad vibrator, although I don’t worship the Sinfonia at the alter.  It also comes with a lovely box and lots of extras such as lube, a toy cleaning wipe, a bag, product manual and a silicone cock ring.  If you’re in search of something with a distinct form, you can always attempt the Sinfonia.  It has quite a few redeeming qualities, but to give you your next g-spot orgasm don’t look for it.