Fantasy = Rape? I don’t believe that.

By the time I write this, I realize it’s probably going to have been discussed in the blogosphere to a great extent, but I want to give my opinion.  For those of you who haven’t heard, a Manchester judge, England rejected charges of rape after finding a group sex fantasy for the lady who claimed to be raped.  Here you can read the whole story.  According to BBC News, after making contact on the internet,

the 24-year-old from Liverpool claimed to have been raped after visiting one of the males at his home in Bolton.  But when computer proof was generated, the trial at Preston Crown Court crashed showing her enjoyable group sex prospect.  Judge Robert Brown ordered not guilty verdicts to be returned to the jury.
So because this female has fantasized about group sex she is not a victim of rape automatically?  How is this logical for anyone, including an experienced judge who should know that sex with various partners is not the same as rape.  This is another classic instance of a culture that associates rape with “inappropriate” conduct.  Because the female chooses not only to have sex outside a marriage, which alone makes her “unpure,” but also to have sex with various partners, she should not be able to be raped.  Obviously, due to her “promiscuous” ways, any sexual encounter she has been invited.

Does this seem to you as absurd as it is to me?  I hope so.  On this subject, I don’t have much more to tell, but I wanted to call everyone’s attention to it.  Read The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti if you want to read more about the view I supplied above and the many ways it hurts young females.