Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Uno Review

I’ve been postponing this review for a long time because there are so many reviews on vaginal balls and I’m not sure what to say.  Also, as my first kegel exerciser, I’m not experienced enough to give some reviewers the insight they have.  However, I decided to review them and offer you my view, no matter how inexperienced it might be.

Since my pelvic floor muscles are extremely fragile, I had been looking for kegel exercisers for quite a while.  At all times, I can’t flex and keep them, not to mention the 3 grueling seconds listed in many kegel exercise regimens.  For a multitude of reasons, I chose the Fun Factory Smartballs teneouno.  First, they are silicone, so they are inferior to the ancient smartballs and other ball exercisers.  I like that they can be sanitized, although I doubt it’s going to be something I’m going to do because it’s just me using them.  Secondly, there is only one vaginal ball in the teneouno.  I had heard that the original balls were too long for the anatomy of some people; I wasn’t sure if my anatomy was shorter, but I wouldn’t take the chance to buy something I couldn’t use.

They’re fairly damn comfortable when inserted.  My vagina hasn’t started to bitch about something that’s not right there, so I’m taking that as a nice sign.  It’s just like putting in my Diva Cup, comfortable like hell, and I can’t feel it.  But the failure to feel it is also the component in which I’m disappointed.

Smartballs are intended to stimulate while being worn and walking around, at least slightly.  The teneouno is not very exciting at all, although very nice.  I didn’t expect it to be like a Hitachi in my vagina, but I wanted to make them feel.  I’m assuming that the teneoduo or the initial Smartballs would have this impact more.

Removal is something that can cause difficulty for starting users.  Although there is a string of silicone retrieval, it’s very small and I’m scared to put too much pressure on it can cause it to snap.  Therefore, carry down and push the ball out of your vagina is best until you can get a grip on the string base to assist it out.  If you use a Diva Cup or any menstrual cup, this should sound very familiar–they all have to be pushed out slightly with the vaginal muscles.  It’s like pooping just with your vagina instead of your ass for those who haven’t had to do this.

I haven’t used them enough to notice any reinforcement of my PC muscles, but while doing your regular kegels, they do offer you something to shake.  Overall, if you are looking for some starting vaginal balls to assist you with your kegel exercises, I would suggest the teneouno.  They will definitely get some use.