Hathor Body Exotic Love Oil Review

Hathor Body, a Canadian business run by a pair of mothers and daughters with a passion for aromatherapy, herbology and massage, makes Exotic Love Oil. I decided to do some more investigation about Hathor Body after receiving the Exotic Love Oil for review as I hadn’t heard of the business before. Their entire range is made up of lubricants, lotions, oil and products for leasing. All their products are formulated with ingredients that are natural and vegan. They are also proud when necessary to use organic ingredients.

I was very excited to open and smell the oil as the ingredients sounded really beautiful. The oil base is pecan, which I discovered interesting since most almond based massage oils. The vital oils are ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, cinnamon and ginger, and a good dose of vitamin E to make your skin soft (and minimize scars if you do!). Well, it was the correct thing to want to smell, because it smells beautiful! It’s very earthy and somewhat herbal, but with a hint of cinnamon and ginger spice. If you like natural odor products rather than artificial odor products (think green apple and strawberry), this is the product for you. Imagine going somewhere in Asia to a marketplace and smelling all the spices, handcrafted wooden bowls and new flowers for sale. Now imagine that all fragrance compacted into a bottle of 4 ounces–yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

The bottle itself’s packaging is minimalist, but I like it. It is a basic apothecary bottle of deep blue glass with a black screw on cap and the common golden label for all Hathor Body products. It lists the components and vents the oil’s advantages of skin smoothing. The tagline “All we need is love” is also at the bottom of the bottle. I personally believe they should modify it to “All we need is love and 100,000 Exotic Love Oil cans.” We decided to use the oil and after my lengthy day in class, my boyfriend gave me a massage. He used for my whole body about a teaspoon of oil. Afterwards, he mentioned to me that he believes he could use less and that it would work just as well, so that’s something to remember. It brushed on like silk and glided gracefully throughout my body with his hands. The smell filled the space immediately, making me relax even more. The oil remained smooth through the entire 45-minute massage and never greasy. Instead of a squeaky door hinge smothered inWD-40, I felt pampered by some oils in the past. The oil absorbed softly and smoothly into my skin by the end. I had no shower at all and my boyfriend had no need to wash his hands off. I’m sitting here and constantly touching my back to feel like it’s soft and moisturized! I still smell like a paradise packed with spice. An oil massage operates better than any moisturizer I’ve attempted, and trust me, I’ve attempted a lot.

I couldn’t suggest more of this item. It’s incredible and the cost is certainly worth it. If on EdenFantasys you don’t have this yet in your cart, you’re making a big mistake.