How to Start a Relationship and More

The start of a relationship is meant to be an exciting and fun time for both people involved. You’re doing things like exchanging first kisses, being flirtatious, and holding hands in public. If it’s going right, it’ll feel like some of the most magical moments of your life.

Most likely, you don’t know each other very well yet; and even if you’d been friends beforehand, there are probably lots of things about each other to discover. However, that process of learning about the other person can bring with it uncertainty, and even doubt.

While your time together might be full of heart-pounding excitement, it’s normal to experience some anxiety. Especially if you don’t have a lot of relationship experience, you might be asking yourself questions like, “Do they really like me? Is this going to last? Can I pull this off without screwing everything up?”

While that kind of concern is totally normal — and definitely doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed — it’s not a particularly pleasant feeling. So if you want to approach your blossoming romance with a calmer attitude, read on for some expert tips and advice for how to handle a new relationship.

1. Communication Is Key

Communication can be tricky early on in a relationship, particularly if the two of you don’t know each other super well. Over time, couples work out an internal rhythm and manner of communicating — people who’ve been together for decades can practically speak in a language entirely their own, frankly — but in order to get there, you might need to pass through some misunderstandings. You could be dating someone with a vastly different communication style than your own, which could mean one (or, ideally, both) of you has to adapt as time passes.