Fear and Loathing: My male entitlement and sexual harassment experience

WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERING MATERIAL The upcoming post by my excellent friend Epiphora made me begin to think about my own previous masculine entitlement experiences.  I never believed I had run into any harassment from males before reading her post and was quite grateful for it, but after reading, I realized that I […]

Close2You Sinfonia Review

Close2You is a fresh German brand based on music stuff many of its models and names.  And frankly, they seem to have quality toys if you can get past the really absurd title. I chose the Sinfonia, which is sold as a g-spot vibrator, but likely the most odd-looking g-spot vibrator I’ve ever seen.  So […]

Better Than Chocolate Review

I had mixed emotions when EdenFantasys gave me the chance to check the Better Than Chocolate.  I read some really fantastic BTC reviews and then some reviews that said the BTC lacked little authority.  Nevertheless, I decided to try it for myself at least and see what the fuss is about, so I accepted the […]

Intimate Organics Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry Aromatherapy Massage Oil Review

Intimate Organics is a business with which I had a love-hate relationship even before I tried any of its products.  I enjoyed the fact that they have unique scents–like cocoa bean & goji berry instead of standard vanilla or cinnamon–but hated the fact that when the only natural components in their goods are vital oils, […]

Naughty Boy – Review

Just after my boyfriend stated that he enjoyed the impression of using my LELO Mia around his asshole, I instructed the Naughty Boy almost on a whim.  I thought, “This is my opportunity!”He said he was open to the idea, but he wanted to make sure it wasn’t too large what we received.  Enter the […]

Fantasy = Rape? I don’t believe that.

By the time I write this, I realize it’s probably going to have been discussed in the blogosphere to a great extent, but I want to give my opinion.  For those of you who haven’t heard, a Manchester judge, England rejected charges of rape after finding a group sex fantasy for the lady who claimed […]

Vixen Creations Astrovibe Review

One idea went through my mind the first time I saw Vixen’s Astrovibe–”Giant lime green dildo. DO WANT. “I really wanted to ask for review at the time, but I had another assignment by the time it came out, so I couldn’t get it. I totally had to have it after the reviewers who had […]

Tantus Ripple Small Review

When I saw the little Tantus Ripple on Naughty and Discreet was a free week item, I realized I had to have it.  I’m more advanced in anal play and I don’t like thrusting either, but my boyfriend’s got quite a reluctant ass, so I needed the smallest thing I could get that wasn’t the […]

Tantus Goddess Review

It was a difficult decision to pick a toy for my first review for Vibrator.com.  There’s so much nice out there.  But I decided to remain tried and true to something–Tantus silicone.  I ended up receiving a review of the Tantus Goddess and I’m not going to be disappointed. Then you’re missing out for those […]

Reign of Tera 3 Review

I’d like to speak about the postal service a little before I get into the evaluation itself. They seem to believe that anything sent in a padded envelope is intended for destruction, because when my DVD came the packaging was well torn to shreds. I would suggest that EF send their DVDs in a bubble […]