Toy Review: The Eroscillator

Friends, lovers, playmates; in honor of May being Masturbation Month, I give you The Eroscillator. **trumpet fanfare** Let me start off by saying that its taken me six months to write this review. That’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Its because Ive been doing um extensive research. In the name of journalistic integrity, of […]

5 kinda cool things about living in England

The mail service – Royal Mail (post it today, its there tomorrow) Cottage pie The age of consent is sixteen. Sixteen. Müller Rice – Vanilla Custard flavor. omigod. When you order tea with milk in a restaurant, the server will NOT return with either: a) a pitcher of half & half; b) a full glass […]

Slogging Through The Summer Slush

Just a few headlines I found interesting today: Thank You, Captain Obvious: Rock stars more likely to die prematurely I was nowhere NEAR there, I swear! Crazy Fan Attacks Brad in Italy And they said a little Shakespeare never hurt anyone: Three hurt as stray buffalo runs onto road OMG i h8 u! u r […]

Rubbing Em The Right Way

I think I can infuse sexual innuendo into just about anything. But there’s one thing I take seriously enough to keep sex out of it for all the right reasons. I gave my first massage in a very long time and it felt good to give someone relief that wasn’t sexual. Ive missed my practice […]

Closed Due To Flooding?

How wet is too wet? Yes, we’ve been having lots of flooding here in the UK this month, but my topic today is about a more personal kind of wetness. I am about to confess a small personal issue. One that many women, menopausal and otherwise, might actually envy. I get wet. Specifically, I have […]

Always Mind The Bollocks

I don’t know much about testicles. Sure, I remember sex-ed, anatomy, physiology, etc. But when Mr. Vanessa says my bollocks hurt I have no idea what that really means. Women arent born with a nut-pain reference scale. If its not pushing out a baby, how bad can it really be? So, we have some lumps […]

Gender Equity? Sounds Like A Lot Of Bull

As I write this, thousands of Spaniards are smack in the middle of the encierro, the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona. Apparently some women there are clamoring for their own encierro, but with cows, instead of bulls. Women demand female Pamplona bull run, with cows MADRID (Reuters) – Women in the northern Spanish […]

This Day In England

Well, you can learn quite a bit about England from just one days news. Here are a few tidbits I have learned today about the little place Ive been calling home for the past nine months If a fire breaks out, tough. Suck it up, Nancy! We got us some pervs. actually, these guys give […]

Spammers Can Lick My Cats Ass

This was me, just a few hours ago. I woke up this morning to find that my entire site had been suspended. Turns out some asshat had been using the contact me form to turn my site into a spam relay. The worst part was, my host (id-May ase-Phay dot om-cay) seemed to think that […]

Back Trouble = Sex Trouble

So, where the hell have I been? My sweetie decided to get himself a herniated disc and the resulting sciatica. Net result is lots of caregiving, little blogging, and even less sex. And so it goesenjoy the Sugasms while we both recover. P.S. I need an Eroscillator, STAT!!