Fantasy = Rape? I don’t believe that.

By the time I write this, I realize it’s probably going to have been discussed in the blogosphere to a great extent, but I want to give my opinion.  For those of you who haven’t heard, a Manchester judge, England rejected charges of rape after finding a group sex fantasy for the lady who claimed […]

Vixen Creations Astrovibe Review

One idea went through my mind the first time I saw Vixen’s Astrovibe–”Giant lime green dildo. DO WANT. “I really wanted to ask for review at the time, but I had another assignment by the time it came out, so I couldn’t get it. I totally had to have it after the reviewers who had […]

Tantus Ripple Small Review

When I saw the little Tantus Ripple on Naughty and Discreet was a free week item, I realized I had to have it.  I’m more advanced in anal play and I don’t like thrusting either, but my boyfriend’s got quite a reluctant ass, so I needed the smallest thing I could get that wasn’t the […]

Tantus Goddess Review

It was a difficult decision to pick a toy for my first review for  There’s so much nice out there.  But I decided to remain tried and true to something–Tantus silicone.  I ended up receiving a review of the Tantus Goddess and I’m not going to be disappointed. Then you’re missing out for those […]

Reign of Tera 3 Review

I’d like to speak about the postal service a little before I get into the evaluation itself. They seem to believe that anything sent in a padded envelope is intended for destruction, because when my DVD came the packaging was well torn to shreds. I would suggest that EF send their DVDs in a bubble […]

Blacklight Beauty Review

When I saw Blacklight Beauty’s cover, I was immediately drawn in and thought, “I have to have that.” Unlike some covers with a random blonde girl on the cover showing you her pussy, Blacklight Beauty’s cover is stylish and almost puts you in an erotic trance even though the movie hasn’t even begun. The film’s […]

Hathor Body Exotic Love Oil Review

Hathor Body, a Canadian business run by a pair of mothers and daughters with a passion for aromatherapy, herbology and massage, makes Exotic Love Oil. I decided to do some more investigation about Hathor Body after receiving the Exotic Love Oil for review as I hadn’t heard of the business before. Their entire range is […]

Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Uno Review

I’ve been postponing this review for a long time because there are so many reviews on vaginal balls and I’m not sure what to say.  Also, as my first kegel exerciser, I’m not experienced enough to give some reviewers the insight they have.  However, I decided to review them and offer you my view, no […]

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women Review

Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Anal Sex Guide for Women is a must-have even semi-interested in anal play for every woman. Tristan’s Guide is all-inclusive and if you’re a beginner, there’s one of the 220 pages in this book that will be all you want to learn. Tristan’s book is split into nineteen sections that cover everything […]

Sliquid Sassy Review

Sliquid Sassy booty formula is the first anal lube I’ve attempted since I’ve just started my adventures into the anal play globe. I had previously attempted Sliquid Silver and enjoyed it enough to see more Sliquid lubes. I’m very happy to have done that! What Is It? Sliquid Sassy is a dense water-based, gel-like lube […]