Review: Better Than Chocolate

When EdenFantasys gave me the opportunity to review the Better Than Chocolate I had mixed feelings.  I’ve read some really awesome reviews of the BTC and then some reviews that stated the BTC was alittle lacking in power.  Nevertheless I decided that I should at least try it for myself and see what the fuss is about, so I accepted the offer.

The Better Than Chocolate is a clitoral stimulator made of TPE by a new company called Nomi Tang.  It is controlled with a touch-strip (think like an iPod) and has some variance in vibration levels as well as a few pulsations.

So, let’s cut to the chase here.  The BTC is a sex toy meant to get you off, but it fails miserably.  I turned on the BTC and was slightly hopeful and as level of vibration seemed okay for a low level. . . then I found out it was the highest level.  Yep, it starts out at the top.

Okay, so it’s not too strong, that means it would be great for foreplay right?  Nope.  It’s just damn annoying.  It’s not high enough to get you off, but not nice enough to use for foreplay.  It’s not good enough to use as a warm-up for a long masturbation session either since it frustrates me more than gets me ready for more.

The Better Than Chocolate is waterproof, but I haven’t tried it underwater as I have no bathtub.  I did however use it in the shower, which was not a problem as the battery pack stayed dry, however, the power was still really disappointing.  After a few minutes I got out of the shower and went for my trusty Eroscillator to finish me off since the BTC could not.  The touch strip is set to lock when it senses water, but since shower water is constantly moving it kept constantly changing my setting, which was beyond annoying.

Unless you’re incredibly, incredibly sensitive I would pass this one up.  I’m giving it a one on “vroom” even though Eden Fantasys defines a one as “Very mild, extremely low level of vibration, great for newbies, foreplay and extra sensitive areas.”  I would redefine that as, “Barely good for anything unless you’re really, really sensitive.”  As mentioned above, this is definitely not worthy of being a foreplay toy.

I’m giving it two stars since I think the design showed some effort even though the touch-slide turned out to be more annoying than helpful and the overall shape is a little clunky.  Unless you really want to spend way too much money ($80) on a toy that’s only going to sit on your dresser and look pretty invest in something more useful like the Fun Factory LayaSpot (for around $47) which I’ve had for way over a year and it still works great.

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Nomi Tang
Material: Non-porous TPR
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.