Review: Blacklight Beauty

When I saw the cover of Blacklight Beauty I was immediately drawn in and thought, “I have to have that.”  Unlike some covers that have a random blonde girl on the cover showing you her pussy, Blacklight Beauty’s cover is stylish and almost puts you in an erotic trance even though the film hasn’t even started.

The beginning of the film starts out kind of slow for my tastes, but I’ve never been one for teasing and looking at the performers in clothing before the scene. I’m more into wall-to-wall sex in my porn. But if you like a nice tease beforehand, you’ll really enjoy the beginning of the scenes. After that it quickly improves with hot scenes and one of the best porn soundtracks I have ever heard. I’m usually not a fan of music in my porn, but if it has to be there, this is the music it should be. It doesn’t take away from the scene at all, but rather, it enhances the mood of the film.

Sitting through all 10 scenes (yes, 10) was neither challenging nor a chore, but I did find one of the latter scenes, which includes clown sex, to not be my cup of tea. If the performer had not been wearing the clown mask however, it may have been one of my favorite scenes. I’ve decided not to do a breakdown scene by scene as covering all 10 would be a bit challenging and also probably put you to sleep. However, I will list some of the best scenes with a short description of why.

1) James Deen and Riley Mason: I may like this scene the best overall since it’s the one I usually watch first, or sometimes it’s the only one I watch. It has no music, which for me is a plus because you get to hear the actors’ voices more clearly. But mainly, let’s face it, James is hot for a porn guy and Riley is adorable as hell. She also has on fun purple PVC boots with black stars on them.

2) Joanna Angel and the Clown Guy: Yes, there’s a clown. Yes, it’s creepy. But I like Joanna so much that I don’t really care. You can tell she’s into what she’s doing and that for me makes any scene so much better.

3) Allie Sin and two random guys: I usually hate blowjob scenes, but this one is an exception. The trance-like music gives it a more artistic appeal than a traditional mainstream blowjob scene.

Although the style of the film is unique, I could see some getting annoyed with the constant color-tinting (ex. A scene will look entirely washed in purple or green, etc.) and flashing to black & white and back again. While this annoyed me a little bit at times, mostly it was just entertaining and helped Blacklight Beauty to stand out from some other films I have seen.

Attention blowjob lovers: This film is full of them. And I do mean full. There are blowjobs in almost every scene and a couple that only feature and actresses sucking multiple guys’ cocks at once. And oddly, I like them. One scene is shot with Faith and multiple men only lit by a flashlight. While it doesn’t give that highly-produced feel some like, it does make you feel more like you are there or that the scene could have actually happened.

This film was very hard to review, but in closing, if you like alternative porn and are up for a trance-like soundtrack give this one a try. The cast is great and it will definitely break you out of the mainstream porn rut.


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Director: JackTheZipper
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