Review: LELO Ina

Since the release of the LELO Ina there has been an overload of posts, tweets and forum posts of people professing their need for Ina.  I was lucky enough that my first review for the wonderful gets to be of Ina.  For those of you not in the know, Ina is LELO’s first dual-stimulation vibrator.  It’s silicone, rechargeable, and comes in the best colors I have ever seen in a sex toy – bright purple, lime green or orange.  I chose orange.

You probably want to know how the toy actually works, and considering it’s been reviewed to death already I’m going to be honest and short.  I don’t want to ramble about packaging and repeat the same thing you’ve already read twenty times.

To start out, it’s definitely cool looking – my boyfriend, who is obsessed with modern furniture, thinks it would make a good art piece to put on the wall – I’m not inclined to disagree with that.  But the thing is, after the design the positives start a downward slope.  Sure, it’s reasonably strong, but if I only wanted a strong vibe I’d go for something cheaper like a bullet.  It has patterns, but so do other things that cost a fraction of the price.

It does hit my g-spot reasonably well, but it’s not anything like I need to have a g-spot orgasm.  If you like some light brushing of your g-spot, this will do it, but if you need pressure then you need to look elsewhere.  It doesn’t have the rotating pearls that some rabbits have, but I really don’t miss them since most of them jam with clenching anyway.  However, if you like them you may not like the Ina as the stimulation of the vaginal opening is minimal.

But what’s my main pet peeve with this thing?  The clit sitmulator is ROCK. HARD.  As in, it doesn’t move.  When you try to place it over your clit it slides off to the side and grinds into your pelvic bones, which might be the most annoying thing ever.  This also impedes your ability to thrust with Ina since thrusting will cause the clit stimulator to slip to the side constantly.  Thrusting is close to impossible unless you want the clit stimulator to slip and clamp on your bones.  No thanks.

A couple of reviewers have mentioned they like the pressure, but I fail to see how you can like the pressure if the pressure doesn’t even reach your clit.  I realize this is based on personal anatomy, so maybe they really do like the pressure, but let me tell you – it’s not going to fit everyone.  If LELO would have made the clit attachment flexible the entire tone of this review would change.

The vibration patterns are interesting at least.  There is one in particular that alternates pulsation between the shaft and the clit stimulator which is especially nice (that is if I can get it to stay on my clit).  There are also some rollercoaster patterns, pulsations, and a number of levels of steady vibration.  It definitely has variety, but in the end that variety doesn’t change the rigidity of the clitoral stimulator.

So what’s the verdict on the Ina?  Is it worth the high price?  I’ll let you decide.

The great: well-designed, great color variety, strong vibrations, variety of vibration patterns

The not-so-hot: The clit stimulator is stiff to the point I thought it might break off during use, there is a slight smell right out of the package, the buttons are not very sensitive, the shaft is also rock hard.

Thanks, so much to for letting me review the Ina.  Want to get Ina or something else?  Use the code SARAID15 for 15% off!