Review: Tantus Ripple Small

When I saw the small Tantus Ripple was a free product of the week on Naughty and Discreet, I knew I had to have it.  I’m more advanced in anal play and also don’t like thrusting, but my boyfriend has quite the reluctant ass, so I needed the smallest thing I could get that wasn’t the same size as my finger.  The Ripple was obviously the perfect choice.

I got the Ripple in the mail in a very timely manner, for which I truly applaud Naughty and Discreet – my mail usually doesn’t come that fast, ever.  I showed the Ripple to the boyfriend and his first response was, “Oh god, bumps.”  He was really scared that they were going to hurt, but I insisted that it was small enough that it would be just fine.

The Ripple itself only goes up to 1” diameter at its widest point while the starting point of the Ripple is about the size of my pinky finger (I wear a ring size 5, if that helps you visualize).  The Ripple is made of 100% silicone and is from Tantus, so you know it will be a quality product.  Tantus silicone is usually towards the firm end of the silicone spectrum, which is why many people (myself included) love it.  However, because the Ripple is so small in diameter, the silicone is rather squishy.  You will have to grip it in a couple of places to get it to glide into your ass at first, since just pushing from the base will only cause it to double over.

<obviously necessary “Hi, Tantus. I love you” rave>

For those of you not acquainted with the awesomeness that is Tantus, I’ll provide you with the most biased introduction ever.  Yes, biased.  I love them and I can’t hide it, so why bother trying?

Tantus is a small company based in California that makes 100% silicone toys and also has a small line of aluminum toys called Alumina, which I would love to get my hands on.  I have only 3 Tantus toys so far and I couldn’t me more impressed.  Their silicone has an awesome firm quality that I have grown to love, but it also has enough give to be comfortable.  Even though other companies are said to have more “life-like” silicone, to me Tantus has the same firmness as a hard cock.  I know this can be argued, so I’ll leave it to you to find out by buying something awesome from them.

Tantus also has an awesome woman president who is easily contacted on Facebook and Twitter to answer questions.  She’s incredibly friendly and wonderful.

</obviously necessary “Hi, Tantus. I love you” rave>

Overall, my partner really liked the Ripple as an ass toy.  While he said it’s definitely not as stimulating to his prostate as other toys we’ve tried, it does have a more manageable size for him so he can relax knowing that it’s not going to hurt.  We only got it inserted up to the last bump, but hey, where’s the fun if you can instantly shove anything in your ass that you desire?  Okay, yeah, that would be fun.  I lied.  But it’s not like that for everyone and that’s okay.

As far as cleaning the Ripple, I’m sure you know the drill, but if you don’t I’ll lay it out for you again.  I really recommend sanitizing ass toys between uses every time.  You can do this by boiling it for a few minutes, putting it in the top rack of your dishwasher with no soap for a cycle or you can wipe it down with a 1 part bleach, 9 parts water solution.

Overall, if you have a scared ass, or someone you know does, do yourself a favor and buy the Tantus Ripple – it’s unintimidating and is a great introduction to anal play.  You can get your own over at Naughty and Discreet.