Review: Vixen Creations Astrovibe

The first time I saw the Astrovibe from Vixen one thought went through my mind – “Giant lime green dildo. DO WANT.” At the time I really wanted to request it for review, but by the time it came out I already had another assignment and therefore wasn’t able to get it.

After the reviewers that had it got their reviews written I absolutely had to have it since both of them gave it five stars. I definitely couldn’t turn down a giant lime green dildo of death that was obviously miraculous. So I put in the famous Big Order of Death and made sure I included the Astrovibe.

I also really, really love Vixen silicone. It’s some of the softest silicone I’ve come across, but still has enough firmness to keep its form. I now have three things in Vixen silicone just because I love its texture so much. I haven’t tried Vixskin and definitely want to, but for the moment I’m totally happy with the original silicone.
The Astrovibe is definitely big, or at least bigger than I’m used to in toys. It’s around 6 inches around (circumference) at its widest point. That’s not any bigger than my partner, but since it’s silicone and not human it obviously feels a little more intense. Because of its size and the angle of the toy I did encounter a slight problem.

I usually don’t have any issues with toys hitting my cervix in an uncomfortable way. Maybe it’s just my anatomy or maybe it’s that my luck has run out, but with the Astrovibe inserted most of the way (3/4 or so) it really hits my cervix in a painful way. Past discomfort and into pain territory. This doesn’t stop me from recommending it for people to try, however, as everyone’s anatomy is different and the Astrovibe does have a lot of redeeming qualities. Some of which are,

1) It’s huge and lime green, so if you’re a size queen who is bored with black or flesh-colored dildos, the Astrovibe is your man for the job.

2) It’s silicone, so it’s 100% sterilizable. If you’re sharing with a partner this is an important point to consider.

3) It has subtle ridges, so most people (minus the texture whores out there) are sure to be satisfied with the approachable amount of texture.

4) The head is curved, so you can achieve a decent amount of g-spot stimulation from this as long as it’s not inserted too deep (then it’s cervix bumping time).

5) Did I mention it’s lime green?

I’m going to keep trying with the Astrovibe and hopefully my anatomy will learn to accept it. It’s way too cool to put up for swap and I am in love with the color so much that sometimes I just have it sitting out to say, “Yep, I’ve got a lime green dildo.”

As I said, since there are so many positive reviews and mine isn’t fully negative, I would recommend the Astrovibe to anyone, but I’m probably biased because of my insane obsession with the color green.