Hand-Tinted Cuties

Hand-tinting was popular during the early 20th century. I still prefer the b/w and sepia, but these are nice. In the first three you can see where they’ve tinted the same series of photographs but used completely different colors - they didn’t have Photoshop, but they were using artistic license to adjust reality even back then…

Bon Appetit!


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Posted by vanessa on June 8th, 2007 .
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It’s Cool For Cats

exhaustionI’m still trying to shake this nasty cold and with a bad relapse I’ve not been doing much of ANYTHING sexy. Instead I’m watching whatever happens to be on TV because; 1) I have to stay vertical in order to drain my sinuses, and; 2) It’s way too much effort to lift the remote control.

I got to watching Later…With Jools Holland (yes, THAT Jools Holland. From Squeeze. I know he’s dead to America but he has a pretty respectable following over here.)

The new season started last night and I made a couple of notes:

1. Bryan Ferry is what, like 107? Surprisingly, he can pull off a cracking Bob Dylan cover. After that, I’ll be his Slave To Love anytime…

2. Arctic Monkeys: Their stuff has a great hook and I would listen to it provided I could wrap the lead singer’s head in gaffer tape to shut his piehole. Dude, seriously. You can afford a vocal coach now. Especially in Sheffield.

3. Henri Salvador: Sure, he’s no Edith Piaf, but at almost 90 he rocks the French thing and just makes me want to plant a big juicy kiss on his little bald head.

4. Tinariwen: They’re billed as Tuareg rebel nomads from the western Sahara, but I’m pretty sure they’re a rugby team from Birmingham.

5. CSS (Cansei der Ser Sexy): I have a sneaky hunch someone found a theremin in a dumpster and said “You know, I think we could build on this!” Hey guys, two words: More Cowbell!

6. The Hold Steady: Check it out–Elvis Costello and Joe Cocker had a love child. The result was exactly what you’d expect.

OK, enough musical insight from the goddess of audio pleasure. Now, where’s my box of tissues?

Posted by vanessa on May 5th, 2007 .
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Why Does She Do It?

I finally had the time to catch up on some blogs that I like to read, and this particular post by O about female sex bloggers is worth noting because it really made me stop and think about why I do what I do. Why I pour out my soul and sexual secrets to the world. Why I have random phone sex…and record it. Why I remain anonymous (except to a very short list of - I hope - trusted friends).

The anonymous part is easy. You already know me. I am the woman in line at the market, at the office party, in the minivan at the car wash. I am your sister, your daughter, your co-worker, your lover, your friend. If you knew it was me writing this, would you see me differently? Would my husband be judged if his boss or clients knew? Would my mother be publicly humiliated? Would my children (if I had them) be dis-invited from play dates and parties? I can take a risk individually, but I cannot extend the risk to the people I love. So, I hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace.

The why is more difficult to answer. More »

Posted by vanessa on August 26th, 2006 .
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Spencer Tunick At It Again

Berlin - American photographer Spencer Tunick, famous for snapping his subjects in their birthday suits, struck again on Sunday in Duesseldof in western Germany, where more than 800 people bared all for his art.

For five hours 840 people, some of whom had come from as far away as Brazil, posed nude in a variety of attitudes: in a pyramid, arms in the air, bending down or crowding round a tree.

Or, in the case of the 50 most comely, in front of a Rubens.

“For me, bodies mean freedom and beauty,” said Tunick, who has conducted similar exercises in places that include Barcelona in Spain, Bruges in Belgium and Lyon in France.

Participation is voluntary and undertaken, it is said, for the love of art though on this occasion a degree of showing-off was in evidence.

“I didn’t much like the ants on my bottom,” said Iris, 46, after a session on grass.
- source: IOL

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