Always Mind The Bollocks

I don’t know much about testicles. Sure, I remember sex-ed, anatomy, physiology, etc. But when Mr. Vanessa says “my bollocks hurt” I have no idea what that really means. Women aren’t born with a nut-pain reference scale. If it’s not pushing out a baby, how bad can it really be?

So, we have some lumps too, but they are painful to the touch. Now, in boobs, they say that painful lumps are not the “bad” lumps. I know about tits. I have a couple of those. But, like I said, I don’t know balls about testicles. I know of men who were blindsided by the “bad” lumps because they didn’t hurt. Can the “bad” lumps hurt?

For now, we’re resting. And we’re scheduled for an ultrasound. And we’re masturbating, trying to relieve some pressure/discomfort. (note: this didn’t relieve anything except horniness) And, if all that fails, we have painkillers. Basically, we’re trying to comfort the nuggets however possible.

I think it might be easier to comfort the giblets than the wife.

Posted by vanessa on September 7th, 2007 .
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Making The Cut

Well, here’s another post on circumcision. This time, the issue is a little more cloudy.

Father wants son, 12, to be circumcised

By The Associated Press

A divorced Olympia-area man who has converted to Judaism is fighting a court battle in Oregon to have his 12-year-old son circumcised against his ex-wife’s wishes.

So far, Oregon courts have squarely sided with the father, who has custody. The man’s ex-wife lives in Oregon.

I’m really just posting this to get you to think. I don’t feel qualified to have an opinion because I have neither children nor a penis.


Posted by vanessa on May 1st, 2007 .
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Circumcision And Sex

Even though I have a bit of a foreskin fetish, I have tried to stay well out of the circumcision debate.  Frankly, it's not really my business and there's usually not much to talk about.  You either are or you aren't.  I don't personally know any adult men who are aching to have their foreskin removed - though it does happen. 

Anyway, here's the Sex Question of the Week: Does being circumcised impact my sex life?

Circumcision is definitely a hot button topic, and whether you're talking about the issue of circumcising newborn boys or the impact of circumcision on adult sexuality, everyone seems to have an opinion, and has no problem letting you know what it is.  Read the full article.

Obviously every man is going to have their own opinion about circumcision, but I think it's interesting that the studies don't seem to support any one conclusion (except, perhaps, that circumcision does reduce some sensitivity).  I guess all I could offer is that foreskin is something you're born with.  Hygiene concerns aren't really supported when you consider that generation after generation of men have gotten along just fine with their foreskin and their dicks have not fallen off from cooties.  I just question why, at least in the U.S., we seem to do it as a matter of course without allowing our sons the ability to choose for themselves.  *Warning: Soapbox Alert*  As I have no penis, I'm not sure my opinions matter all that much anyway…any more than a man's opinions about my uterus should matter to me.

Posted by vanessa on June 27th, 2006 .
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