Tantus Ripple Small Review

When I saw the little Tantus Ripple on Naughty and Discreet was a free week item, I realized I had to have it.  I’m more advanced in anal play and I don’t like thrusting either, but my boyfriend’s got quite a reluctant ass, so I needed the smallest thing I could get that wasn’t the size of my finger.  Obviously the Ripple was the ideal decision.

In a very timely manner, I got the Ripple in the mail, for which I really applaud Naughty and Discreet–my mail doesn’t generally arrive that quickly, ever.  I showed the Ripple to the boyfriend, and his first answer was, “Oh god, bumps.” He was really afraid that they’d hurt, but I insisted it was tiny enough that it’d be all right.

The Ripple itself only extends up to 1 “in diameter at its widest point, while the Ripple’s starting point is about the size of my pinky finger (I wear a ring size 5 if it enables you to see it).  The Ripple is made of 100% silicone and comes from Tantus, so you know it’s going to be a product of quality.  Tantus silicone is generally towards the strong end of the silicone spectrum, which is why it is loved by many individuals (including myself).  However, the silicone is rather squishy because the Ripple is so small in diameter.  You’ll need to grab it in a few locations to get it to glide into your ass at first, as just pushing from the foundation will only make it double.

“Hi, Tantus, clearly necessary.” I love you “rave > I’ll give you the most partial introduction ever for those of you unfamiliar with the awesome Tantus.  Yes, prejudiced.  I love them, so I can’t hide it, so why try?

Tantus is a tiny California-based business that produces 100% silicone toys and also has a tiny line of aluminum toys called Alumina that I’d love to put on.  So far, I have only 3 Tantus toys and couldn’t impress me any more.  Their silicone has an incredible strong quality that I have grown to love, but it has enough to be comfortable as well.  Although it is said that other businesses have more “life-like” silicone, Tantus has the same firmness as a difficult cock to me.  I understand this can be argued, so by purchasing something amazing from them, I’ll leave it to you to find out.

Tantus also has an amazing female chairman who is readily contacted to answer questions on Facebook and Twitter.  She is beautiful and extremely friendly.

“Hi, Tantus. < /Evidently needed.” All in all, my partner really enjoyed the Ripple as an ass toy.  While he said it’s definitely not as stimulating to his prostate as other toys that we’ve tried, he’s got a more manageable size so he can relax knowing it won’t hurt.  We’ve only placed it to the last bump, but hey, where’s the fun if you can immediately shove something you want in your ass?  Okay, that’d be fun, yeah.  I lied.  But for everyone it’s not like that and that’s all right.

I’m sure you know the drill when it comes to cleaning the Ripple, but if you don’t, I’m going to lay it out for you again.  I really recommend that you sanitize ass toys every time between uses.  You can do this by boiling it for a couple of minutes, placing it in your dishwasher’s top rack with no soap for a cycle or wipe it down with a 1-part bleach,9-part water solution.

Overall, if you’ve got a frightened butt, or someone you understand, make a favor of yourself and purchase the Tantus Ripple–it’s unintimidating and it’s a excellent introduction to anal play.  At Naughty and Discreet, you can get your own.