The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women Review

Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Anal Sex Guide for Women is a must-have even semi-interested in anal play for every woman. Tristan’s Guide is all-inclusive and if you’re a beginner, there’s one of the 220 pages in this book that will be all you want to learn.

Tristan’s book is split into nineteen sections that cover everything from finger insertion to anal fisting. It begins with a chapter dedicated to the 12 anal sex myths. This is a ideal introduction because it dispels any misunderstandings that you may have about anal before it even begins to lay the groundwork for anal play. The second edition of this book is updated with fresh data, fresh suggestions and a column called Ask the Anal Advisor where Tristan answers real reader questions, so even if you have the first edition, it would be a nice investment to get the second one.

Tristan begins by telling the reader how much she enjoys anal sex and believes all women have that ability if they take their time and are well informed about their own anal anatomy and the body’s reactions. One of the first things Tristan addresses is that anal sex should not hurt in the myths chapter and in nearly every chapter throughout the novel. Not a little bit. This is a point that can not be said enough because the majority of individuals who want to attempt anal are concerned about pain. Tristan repeatedly points out that if it hurts, you do something incorrect and your body tells you to stop it.

There is a section entirely dedicated to preparation and hygiene, which is great for those of us who are afraid to try anal because of the possibility of finding feces. One thing Tristan says is–get over the problem of feces, it’s just part of you, and if you run into it, clean it up and keep it going –it makes the ordinary individual feel much better to understand that even pros and porn stars find feces in their anal adventures. This and other elements of the book of Tristan create it seem like she is a nice friend who gives you guidance rather than an author you have never encountered. She reminds you continually that she is also human and experiences the same stuff that we all do.

One of the book’s most important chapters is called Beyond Our Bodies. This chapter deals with emotional issues related to anal, trusting and communicating with your partner and covers issues such as fear, fantasy and power. This section is a must-have complement to any anal sex book since half of the anal is emotional and mental.

Some chapters are dedicated to sex toy materials and find the perfect anal probe, butt plug or strap-on to get your anal pleasure started or continued. She also speaks about lubricants and emphasizes the significance of a strong, dense lubricant because the ass has no means of self-lubrication unlike the vagina. She makes suggestions for a few particular brands such as Astroglide gel and Maximus.

The chapter of positions is great. It probably has no positions that you couldn’t figure out on your own, but what it has is information about where pressure is being applied in each position and why some people with certain anal anatomy might be painful. It provides the illustration with advice and beneficial elements about each situation. When I work my way with my partner to complete anal sex, we will definitely look for advice at this chapter.

There are also chapters on anal fisting, enemas, butt bondage, anal hygiene, and safer sex that are really interesting. All in all, it’s certainly worth reading and I’d suggest it to anyone interested in anal enjoyment.