This Day In England

Well, you can learn quite a bit about England from just one days news. Here are a few tidbits I have learned today about the little place Ive been calling home for the past nine months

  1. If a fire breaks out, tough. Suck it up, Nancy!
  2. We got us some pervs. actually, these guys give pervs a bad name
  3. We have a teeny drinking problem. doh!
  4. Were all gonna die in a horrible flood. again, doh!
  5. Were all gonna die in a massive suicide bombing. Did the knighthood committee really think that through?
  6. If #4 & 5 dont happen, stay out of the hospital. Those places will kill you.
  7. The Druids need your vote.
  8. London is Better Than Moscow. (but only just)
  9. If the train doesnt go where youre going, they just make shit up.
  10. The BBC is biased. Just ask the BBC.