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Music Wanted

This is for my musically inclined fans out there…my podcast music sucks.  It's basically just a plain vanilla jazz loop, played over and over and over…BO-RING.  My attempts to create something with Acid Studio are failing miserably.  I'm an artist…a writer…NOT a musician.

I would love a short piece that I could use for the intro and outro…something blues-y and smoky, slide-guitar based, in the vein of "Tin Pan Alley" (SRV). 

Anyone up to the challenge?  You would have my eternal gratitude (and maybe we can exchange favors…).



Posted by vanessa on June 19th, 2006 .
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New Podcast - VanessaCast5

This one is with Guy - a lovely man, and an excellent dom. Because of that, Guy does most of the talking, but he had me whipped into an absolute frenzy in no time at all. It was definitely the most intense sexual encounter, recorded or otherwise, that I have had in a very long time. Guy is demanding, but tender and warm when I am a good girl. And I was a very good girl.

At over 28 minutes, this episode is longer than previous podcasts, with a few lovely valleys between really intense crescendos. I hope the less patient of you will give it a chance and listen past the first couple of orgasms…they just kept getting more intense.

Bon Appetit!

Listen Now:

icon for podpress  VanessaCast5 A little BDSM with Guy [28:26m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Posted by vanessa on June 17th, 2006 .
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Losin’ it

Valentines' Day.  Drive-in movie.  Steamed-up windows.  My boyfriend was 19; I was 13.  In the classic passive-aggressive fashion inherited from our grandmothers, rather than put a stop to our "puppy love," my mother issued a pointless (and so incorrect it's stupid) warning:  "If you guys get pulled over by the cops and you so much as have your shoes off, he will be arrested for statutory rape."

What she thought she'd accomplished with that admonition I don't know, but it explains how I lost my virginity in the awkward and uncomfortable position of having my jeans bunched up and twisted around my ankles, unable to be fully removed over my perfectly legal, still-tightly-tied sneakers. 

Posted by vanessa on June 17th, 2006 .
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Sugasm #36

My first entry is in this week's Sugasm…enjoy!

This week's best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them…


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Posted by vanessa on June 13th, 2006 .
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I want you.

I want you to see me.
See the urgency in my eyes.  Earnest.  Lustful.  Witness the pink-hot flush of arousal.  Breasts swelling, hardening, tight.  Moist lips, parted.  See me trembling.
See me.      

I want you to touch me.
Feel my skin twitching beneath your caress; 
The heat of my body as it rises to meet your fingertips;
Moisture, slick and constant.
Touch me.

I want you to smell me.
Smell the lingering clean of my shampoo;
My perfume - exotic, mysterious, feminine.
Sex - sweet, tangy, musky, strong; me.
Smell me.

I want you to taste me.
Taste the hunger in my lips;
The salt in my tears;
The fire in my sex.
Taste me.

I want you to fuck me.
Fuck me like a stranger.  Pure, primal.  Raw.  Sticky-hot, sweaty, breathless.  Fuck me hard.  Deep.  Take me.  Fill me.
Fuck me.

I want you to hear me.
Hear my soft mews of assent as you minister to me; 
My gasps and shudders, breath rising and falling with a rhythm all my own; cries of exquisite release as I climax; purrs as I sink beneath your arm, content.
Hear me.

I want you.

Posted by vanessa on June 12th, 2006 .
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5 Things On My Computer Desk That Don’t Really Belong Here

1.  MAC lipstick, #A25 "Midimauve"

2.  Hair turban, still slightly damp 

3.  Story Of O - Pauline Reage

4.  Prescription bottle (oxycodone 5mg, half-full) 

5.  Pjur Eros original bodyglide personal lubricant, 10ml

Posted by vanessa on June 11th, 2006 .
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I never wanted this
I never wanted to be the one
to sting the scorpion

I hurt you the most
Because you cared the most

I couldn't let you see my scars
I couldn't let you see my tears
I let you see what was beneath them
And my words were my only truth

I can only hope that someday
You will think of me
And not hate

All I can offer you
Is my apology
And my heart
Nothing more
Nothing less

I'm sorry.

Posted by vanessa on June 10th, 2006 .
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Will You?

Will you come to me when I want you?  When I need you?  Will you know the difference?

Will you kiss me?  Tenderly, passionately, hungrily?  For hours?  Will you tease me?  

Will you talk to me?  Whisper my name, softly, your breath in my ear?  Tell me I’m beautiful?  That I excite you?   Will you mean it?

Will you make love to me?  Explore every inch of my body?  Worship me?  Insist on my pleasure before yours?  Will you take your time with me?

Will you stay with me?  Be there in the morning?  Will you make the coffee? 

Will you fuck me?  Hard?  With sweaty, lusty animal-sex?  Take me, use me, devour me?  Will you make me beg for more?

Will you hurt me?  Betray me?  Take what you want and discard me?  Will you regret it?  Apologize?  Will you do it again?

Will you?

Posted by vanessa on June 8th, 2006 .
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