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(For Ed, who opened my ears to the power of voice….)

I've never seen a hotel corridor this long before. It seems as though it's a hundred miles long, and it keeps getting longer with each step. We agreed to use the nicest hotel we could find because I couldn't imagine this happening at a cheap, seamy place. We can’t meet in the hotel bar or a restaurant; I can’t risk being seen. What am I doing here?

There is very little in my evening bag - just my own hotel key, a lipstick, my wedding ring (hastily removed in the elevator), and…condoms. I've never had to buy condoms before. Standing in the store this morning, I was overwhelmed by myriad colors and textures and sizes. Sizes? Oh God.

OK, time for a mental inventory. Brand-new lacy silk bra and panties? Check. Impossibly high heels that are killing my feet but make my legs and bum look unbelievable? Check. Confidence and self-respect? Umm…well…damn.

Too soon, I’m at your door. My heart is pounding…I hesitate. I am about to cross to a dangerous place–one I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Frightened and trembling, I turn away and take two small steps back down the corridor. Have I lost my mind? My god, you’re a total stranger…I don't even know your real name. Nobody uses their real name for cybersex. Who are you?

Suddenly, your door opens and I freeze. Surprised, you weren't expecting me to be standing there. Honestly, had my feet had been more determined, I wouldn’t still be here. I turn back around and meet your gaze for the first time ever. Neither of us can move for what seems like an eternity. Then, slowly, wordlessly, you smile and extend your hand. I let myself take it, guiltily feeling your own wedding ring between my fingers. You guide me inside. The door to my whole life closes and I’m forced to lean against it for support before my knees collapse beneath me. You are so, so gorgeous. So tall compared to me. Eyes a deeper blue than I’ve ever seen. A magnificent smile that melts me. Gingerly, you cup my face in your hands, brush my hair back and come close. Your lips are warm, tender, sincere. Mine are soft, quivering, hungry. Burying your head in my hair, you inhale, deeply, and I get gooseflesh.

With one arm around my waist, you lead my unsteady feet to the sofa. You speak first, in that voice that has become so familiar, that amazing rock-star voice that drives me wild.

"Can I make you a drink?"


"What would you like?"

"Something strong."

These will be our last words for a while.

A glass appears from somewhere. My hands are shaking so hard I use both to steady it. Drinking in large gulps, too quickly, I betray my fear.

With no hesitation, you seductively drop to your knees in front of me, your sea-blue gaze never leaving mine. Silently, deftly, you unbutton the top button of my blouse. Then another. Another. Oh God. This is real. My breath catches. The drink is starting to have the desired effect and I begin to relax a little. My eyes close and my head drops back. You are determined to help me relax a little more. As you free my breasts, licking and sucking first one erect nipple, then the other, a quiet moan escapes my lips.

Tenderly, but with firm intent, you press my knees apart. Experienced hands glide up my thighs, raising my skirt, reaching beneath to feel my heat, teasing me. Grabbing under my hips with both hands, you lift me and draw me closer to you. Gently, you pull my panties down, lifting each foot to remove them completely. I pretend not to notice when, instead of tossing them on the floor, you hide them in your pocket.

You bow your head and move in to me. Your soft lips caress the inside of first one thigh, then the other, higher and higher…then…ooohhhhh. I shudder and tilt my hips slightly. I am hot and dripping, my clit swollen and tingling. Your tongue is talented–at first slow but gradually building to a steady, deliberate, mind-blowing pace. Delicious. I gasp and sigh heavily as my own hands find their way to my breasts. I can't believe this is happening. Should I be enjoying it this much? Overcome, I surrender and allow you to release me. OH GOD…so intense…my cries are loud, too loud. My body spasms as you coax more from me, generously extending my climax as long as possible. It's not the first time you've made me come…just the first time we've been on the same continent when it's happened.

My mind whirling, I never even notice you remove your jeans. You take me by surprise when you enter me. I gasp in pleasure and a little pain; I wasn't expecting it so soon. You rise, still inside me, holding my ass, lifting me up with you. I wrap my legs around your waist as you stand, my arms around your neck as we move to the bed. We fall to the sheets, still connected, and you gently stroke my hair as you begin your slow thrusting. You are strong and confident. Slowly in, slowly out. Long, deep strokes. When you are in deeply, you are even larger than I imagined. When you pull out, I am emptier than I want to admit. I reach around and pull you in closer, my pelvis rising to meet each stroke as we increase our pace. Slowly in, slowly out.

With some ballet-ninja move I’ve never seen before, you lift one of my legs and bring it across my body. When you securely lift me and turn me over, your cock never leaves my pussy. Impressive. You reach around and grab my breasts, then my hips, drawing me to you over and over and over. I am able to reach my aching, needy clit from this position. I explode again almost the moment my fingers find it. You pause, waiting for me to catch my breath. Slowly in, slowly out.

I'm not sure how we do it, but we manage to switch position again without separating. Suddenly I find myself astride, riding your huge shaft, grinding wildly as I throw my head back and climax again. And again. Slowly in, slowly out.

You lower me back to the bed and take control. One hand pins my arms over my head as you suck on my nipples and fuck my eager, hungry pussy. Faster. Deeper. Soon you are ready. You whisper in my ear and ask me the question you always ask; Do you want me to come for you? I answer you with my eyes. Yes. Yes. God, Yes. You close your eyes and groan loudly as you climax, shuddering as you collapse on me, breathless, withering, your heartbeat so strong I feel it in my core. Yes.

Hot water cascades from your back as I lean in and inhale the scent of you. Musky. Earthy. You. I reach for the soap and lather your shoulders, the fantastic curve of your spine, the firm sculpture of your ass. You turn to face me and I am glad to be under a water stream so that my tears disappear within it. I am at once aroused and ashamed; I cannot believe what I have done. And yet, I want more. I crave your body. Mine aches for your touch.

Kissing me earnestly, you hand me the shower nozzle. I use it to tickle my breasts…my nipples are so hard and yearning for attention. Your lips are happy to oblige. Even in this hot steam I am shivering; your tongue, tender and firm, gives me gooseflesh again. Every sense is in a state of heightened awareness. Every touch of your hand makes me gasp as though it's my last breath.

I ease the nozzle down over the swell of my tummy, going lower, teasing myself. Unable to endure that for long, I guide the jet directly over my mound. Eyes as blue as the horizon implore me to come, and I cannot resist. Water-jet orgasms are sharp and intense and hard to refuse. Oh, fuck. My knees buckle when I come, and I lean against the tile for strength. Taking the nozzle from my trembling hands, you embrace me with those amazing lips, nuzzle my neck, whisper my name. One hand caresses my back, the other fondles a breast. I feel you grow against my hip. Again? Yes.

It's my turn to press you against the tile. I lower myself, slowly, pausing to flick one nipple with my tongue, biting softly, making you suck in your breath. Working my way down your firm chest and stomach my mouth explores every inch, fervently. Warm breath teases your erection and it twitches. I know what you really want, but you must beg for it. Oh, God.

Parting my lips, I envelop the tip of your generous shaft. Your eyes are closed, your head back, as I ardently worship your cock. I can only hope to deliver even half as much pleasure as you have shown me. Moving in tandem, lips and hands, up and down, up and down, slowly, tongue swirling around the tip, lapping the helmet, enjoying the taste of you. You gently guide my rhythm with your hands on my head; encouraging, not forcing, the pace. I hear your moans of enjoyment and the tingling begins in my core again. We continue our dance steps; up, down, up, down, swirl, moan. Over and over.

I can feel the urgency starting to build as your balls tighten against the base of your cock. Your breath quickens; you are close. You tell me you are ready – I know; so am I. I continue my movements and steady myself for your climax. You cry out and it takes a few seconds before I feel your warm fluid hit the back of my throat. Another stream follows. And another. I lose count as I gulp hungrily, trying to keep it all in, not wanting to lose a drop. Finally, you are spent, and I rise. As the water starts to run cool, you whisper, thank you. I smile, turn off the faucet and hand you a towel. Baby, I'm just getting started.

Wrapping my hair in a towel, I sit on the bed and reach for the hotel phone. Room service should be here shortly. Strawberries, I think. And some champagne. And…what's this? An intriguing dessert that includes some chocolate ganache and a little paintbrush. Oooh. We're gonna need another shower.

Stealing up behind me, you grab the phone from my hand, slip the hotel robe off my shoulders and begin to nibble. You reach around me from behind and find your way under the front folds of the robe, tracing my inner thighs and the outline of my pussy lips, teasing me, staying just out of reach of my clit. The robe drops to the floor and I squirm and rise to try and meet your hand, but you move it away just as I get closer. You're going to make ME beg this time, aren't you?

I can sense you smiling behind me even though I can't see your face. As you lean back against the headboard, your strong hands guide me back, between your legs, my ass against your soft cock, my back against your firm chest. From this angle, you can reach around with your other hand and circle my nipples. My clit is throbbing. I can't take much more of your teasing–you are driving me absolutely wild. Please, baby. After a thousand years you relent and surround my clit with your fingers. Gently stroking the shaft, like a tiny erection. Slowly coaxing with nimble fingers, you know exactly how to pace your manipulations for maximum effect. I gush as you expertly work your craft…god, that's so good.

You continue the rhythmic clit stroking, your other hand teasing and squeezing my tits, then your head bows to lick my ear lobe. Oh god, it's the erotic trifecta! I can't hold on any longer and I explode with a thundering orgasm and a cry so loud I am afraid hotel security is going to call. My legs are shaking and I can’t see straight. You fold your arms around me and allow me to sink back into your chest and rest, panting, until room service arrives.

The champagne is the perfect temperature. As you relax in the armchair I sit on your lap, place a strawberry between your teeth, then lean in to graze your lips and bite off half for myself. Mmm…sweet and juicy, like my punani. Under me, I feel you growing hard again. I can't believe how many times you can do this…but I'm ready for the challenge. I know what you want. What you’ve never had before. I want to give it to you. With one more deep, strawberry kiss, I turn and face away from you. I raise myself up just enough, spread my ass cheeks with my fingers, then ease back down into your lap, impaling myself with your shaft. You moan, and I begin slowly riding up and down, rotating and grinding my hips with each rise and fall.

I can feel you twitching within me as the blood courses through your cock, and you grab my hips to control the pace to your liking. Your rod feels like it's on fire inside me. I grab my tits and squeeze, enjoying the effect I am having on you. You bounce me on your lap like your own private fuck toy as my tits shake wildly with each thrust. My still-damp hair tickles your face as you pound me up and down, pushing deeper and deeper into my tight hole. Oh, yes. The armchair creaks and groans under the force of every thrust. I expertly control my muscles and squeeze tightly, making my already tight ass constrict even more around your shaft with each stroke. Fuck me. Harder. Yes. Animal-like grunts answer me. Pacing frenzied, muscles tensing, I feel your energy rise as you reach your peak. Yes. Come for me, baby. At last, you pull me to you and hold, gasping, shaking, spent.

We are still entangled on the armchair when I spy the untouched warm chocolate and paintbrush on the table. I giggle silently. What? Leaning back, I close my eyes and sigh, content. Let me know when you’re ready for dessert….

2 Responses to “ Assignation”

  1. Woolfie says:

    Great stuff Vanessa, I really enjoyed reading that. Such a greedy girl - getting it every which way, and with desert! I particularly liked the sequence in the shower - very sensual. Then again the last bit in the chair was pretty hot too.

  2. vanessa says:

    Thank you, baby.  You already know you’re starring in my next fantasy, don’t you?

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